Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Babe, I love U"

Today, 30 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Hi..........I am really sorry that I did not update my blog as often as I could as I was busy with work. Clients who got keys to their new condo starting sms -sing. Oh and got landed property can or cannot buy too.
Today, a client of mine sent me his 2 year old daughter, who wished me Happy Holiday and I was pleasantly surprised as she is only 2 years old and my fan !!! His proud father sent me this photo and here it is for all to see ^_^ so cute huh ? Aunty Lynn, says Hi !!!
Yes, I love children because they are all so young, innocent n adorable ! Coo Coo !
FSQ Stories : For those young married ladies, please spent quiet time with your husband and not let your baby occupy your time, 100%. This means that you are TOO attached to your child. This also applies to the guys.
Learning to "let go" a little bit is very important for your relationship with your spouse. Go kai kai, see midnight show or go supper, just eat and talk and nothing about the baby. The bonding between your spouse will then be good. Add a bottle of red wine and it will be perfect !!!

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