Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Focus is very important when it comes to growing your feng shui wealth"

Today, 20 August 2011 (Saturday) - Today, work is as usual and home by 7.30pm.
FOCUS: Many of us lack focus in our daily lives and we just let the day pass. I am quite guilty of it too and did nothing the last 5 years. well, we shall see.........what's coming on NEXT in the next 5 years.
Property : Even though prices of property may come down the second half of this year, the next few years, will be very "trying" like Dragon, Snake and Horse. These are the best timing to buy something that you have always wanted for your family if not, then stay put especially when you are already 60 years old or older.
Photo: shows my room at Hotel Nikko Jakarta, so nice, right ? and because it is 7th lunar month, I left a lamp on. I also did not finish all my food but left some behind even in the plane. Told you, I am super "Pan Tang" ^_^ I know many of you also travel be it for leisure or work and has many other "different patterns" from mine. I had room service ate and drank (red wine) and watched movies before going to bed. The movies were good though and many friends also wished me well and good night in Facebook when I uploaded another photo of my bed with the two lamps *grin*

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