Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore !!!

Today, 9 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Yes......a very very Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore !!! and am just back from work , huh ? I don't know what is classified as "work" anymore. When I am home with the internet, is that also "work" ?
Property News : I usually like to visit Property Guru and read about the latest news on properties. Here is the link :
I am quite interested in the semi detached houses in KL ^_^ either that or a bungalow in JB ? Hmm.........still thinking or I go for a shop or industrial office in my own name, budget is S$1million or more. I want to find my "cash cow". I think many of you already found yours.............wait for me !!!!
"Mini" Properties: When we buy small Mickey Mouse condo units, their price per sq ft is usually a bit more than the standard and if you happen to buy small Mickey Mouse light Industrial units that are smaller than 700 sq ft, their selling price is also slightly higher than the standard asking price. I know of a place where the whole office unit is only 150 sq ft !!! Very very small right ? yeah.............but I have seen it and almost bought in 2010.
Finally, in June 2011, I bought my office at First Centre Building at S$441/- per sq ft and when the price goes to S$600/- per sq ft, I might cash out (profit of S$100k) to buy a bigger office. Downstairs shop frontage going price, I heard is S$800/- per sq ft my dream of S$600/- per sq ft, can come true huh ?
When the value of these properties go up, because they are small and hard to find in Singapore, you can then make money not immediately but over a couple of years. Some people like to call me a "property investor"......hmm.....I buy things that most people would not think of buying like a light office unit. I started investing in these since 2001, Snake year. The next Snake year coming soon either I will sell or I will buy again. Hmmm...............^_^ Happy Birthday, Singapore !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Yap,
Please advise me what to do with the lotery money I striked recently, though the amount is not much.
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

spend it and contribute to the economy, as a good deed !