Monday, August 15, 2011

"If you ever want to be rich"

Today, 16 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Good Morning ! and thank you to the over 1087 visitors to my blog the last two days. Yah lah.............I did'nt know what to write so I "rested" but when I realised that hei, my fans/clients never give up ! I think I better give them something to think about and to help them grow their fortune ! Well, this is to thank you for being so supportive the last 20 years !
If you think I am successful in accumulating my wealth then please follow and if you think I am not successful cause I have nothing to show, then don't follow, it is ok with me. I walk the talk and grow assets and net worth using fengshui cures and "secrets".
Only when you come and see me for a can or cannot buy, be it HDB flats or a new condo or landed property then I will share with you, how people make it and then it is up to you to follow. Your ability to handle risk is one of the most important factor in determining if you are ever going to be successfully rich or not. (Many people do not like to take loans).Period. THINK !!!
So here it is : If you ever wanted to be rich, look inside of you. This is the "secret" plus read all those books that I recommended you to read. Knowledge is King and so is Cash !!! (please remember to keep reserves of at least 6 months worth of expenses so that in case anything happens, you won't be worrying about paying all your bills) I have a lot of bills to pay every month just like anyone else and one thing though, I never let my family members worry about me.
This is called "Thinking of others first then yourself" and when you care and love everyone in your family, you are definately a good son or daughter ^_^
Last Sunday, I showed mum, my blog and told her about 300 people come and read what I write daily and she was shocked but pleasantly happy and she said :"how come your photo makes you look slimmer than in real person". I replied to mum :"Ai yah, mum do you know how many shots I have taken and then I choose the best one to show to others ?" hehe Anyhow, mum does not understand or read english, she only look at my photos in this blog ^_^ So this photo is for you, mum !
Two THINGS if you ever want to be rich :
1) Always have an open mind - this means that when ever anyone says nasty things to do or do things to you, simply PAUSE for a moment first before taking action. This shows your maturity in handling matters as well as being professional (ka ka one, also looks good mah).
Do not take anyone's attack on you as "personal". Just smile and move on ! Or think positive !
2) Always have an open heart - when someone else is more successful than you, wish them all the best ! Only when your heart is able to have this Big and Generous heart and not a jealous heart then your own Good Fortune will come. Your sifu, need not be richer than you but he or she needs to be doing well and got something to show or is a very popular feng shui master ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's tip: To improve your overall fortune is to wear a thin gold chain round your neck or to wear a string around the neck depending on which element is most favourable to you. Wear something and you will notice the "difference". Anything worn around the neck has a very important influence on the day's fortune.

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May Chan said...

Hi Master - Have been following your blog very faithfully. I am a Fire Monkey (1956). What to wear on the neck is favourable to me?