Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Painting the nails, red to get Good fortune"

Today, 31 August 2011 (Wednesday) - Today, work is as usual. Many clients whose condo have been chosen by me found their new homes, fengshui very very good and they simply love the energy that the house can bring. I said to them :"Yes ! this is the Super Good feng shui that I am looking for" Sure to HUAT AH !!!! and good for 20 years ^_^
Some of you sms to tell me that some books that I recommended are quite good and very interesting. Thanks ! The books that I like to read are usually on investing or sometimes on buying properties written by successful Singaporeans. Need to support our local people with talent n knowledge.
I believe in obtaining knowledge especially financial knowledge not only in gaining financial knowledge but by putting them into action too. One needs to get REAL life experiences then you won't be fooled by others who have only bought one property in their life time or people who have very little life's experiences.
Photo: shows diced chicken with dried chillies, do you like chicken ? this delicious dish is from Imperial Hotel, Miri, Sarawak. Yummy Yummy ! If you are there, must try ah !!!
FSQ Tip: When sales or business is slow, go paint your nails red and when business or sales are too fast, remove them ^_^ Ah ! I mean the red colour. COLOUR therefore play a very important role in fengshui as well as a person's fortune (bazi) . Thank you to many of you who come daily to read my blog. It's close to 500 readers per day now and hope you found it interesting learning from a simple, female fengshui master ^_^

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VCVCVC said...

Master Yap... for guys how do we paint our nails red. Any other tips for guys. Thanks