Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Sunday, Funday"

Today, 7 August 2011 Sunday - Oh what a Sunday !!! spending time with parents, my brother and his family over brunch. After that I went to office for my readings. It has been quite a week ! ^_^ and some of my Facebook clients like the fact that where I go I sometimes do a "check in" so as to tell my Facebook friends where I am and what I am doing, well it is mostly work as I love to work and work giving my personal touch and friendly advice.
2 Fengshui Rules when buying a property:
This morning, a client wanted to know if he should go ahead with the purchase of a condo that he was eyeing for investment purposes. I replied in the sms saying that : 2 rules of thumb when buying any property:
1) The unit number of the house or block number or avenue number must follow the last digit of your marriage certificate. Eg: if 3 is the last digit of your marriage certificate then 3 could possibly be your spiritual number. Spiritual number is a number that follows you where ever you go. It may be a 3 or a 8.
2) The fengshui of the property should be very very good then can buy - For landed property, we can choose a main door facing south or south west that would be THE "very best" ^_^
I then shared with this client about my condo at Space@Kovan where I bought for a particular purpose and if the price of the condo that I bought goes to S$2000/- per sq ft, I am going to let go and sell. Afterall, these properties are all bought in my own name so that it makes it easier for the property to be sold. And I am very very decisive when I want to buy and I know just what to do and what to look out for.
You can check with those agents who handled all my "buys" and another set of agent who handles all my "sells". I am not a property investor, I buy them to keep and to use. However, if price goes to a level that is what I want to sell, consider it sold. I guess I make use of any opportunity that apears to me and listen to my own gut feel than anything else.
Property transactions : there could be many more properties being transacted the first half of 2012, be it for good or bad reasons. So best timing is to sell if you wish and if not, then hold and wait for the next best timing. Sometimes these timing also must coincide with your bazi timing for "profits" eh ? dun have in 2012, means no sale lah !!!

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