Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to 2005 ?

Today, 28 September 2011 (Wednesday) - This week, there were some new property launches and my client sms to inform that "such and such" is the price per sq ft now. The going is S$1300/- per sq ft, the one that my client was eyeing at and I helped her choose the one with very good feng shui among the rest.
I also heard that many people were waiting for the prices to fall and if they are my life readings client during a session, I would then ask them :how much do you think it will fall ? back to the prices of 2007, the year of the pig or even further like 2004/5 ?
If you were to stop for a moment and think : if property prices fall by as much as 10% or even more, guess who will be the ones who will come back and buy ? and then push the prices up again ?
If you are rich there are many others out there who are richer than any of us and our income can only go up as so much more, while the prices of properties especially some of them can one day, go beyond our reach. Maybe we can still afford to buy a S$3million property, but how many of us can really have the capacity to buy a S$5million dollar one ?
Of course, if we want to and have a plan, we can still have it. However, this was never my plan and therefore I didn't spend time thinking about it. My plan was to have a passive income of S$10k per month from rental properties. I do what I can within my means. I have a few "mouths" to feed too ^_^
FSQ Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to many of you who after reading my blog, came to see me personally to have a life reading and to listen to me "live" in person ! :))
FSQ Notes : From October 2011 onwards, I would have started reading Annual Reviews for the coming year of the Dragon, 2012. See you ! ^_^

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