Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travelling to Shenzhen, China

Today, 29 September 2011 (Thursday) - work is as usual and most customers would have to sms or email or whatsapp to make an appointment. Luckily, no need to use face to face conference sessions.
Fengshui Thoughts : Some people believe in feng shui while some still don't. For us, fengshui masters, we care for those who do and those who are our clients. For me, many of my clients have stayed with me for very long years and can be as many as 15 years or even longer. We @ fengshui Queen, Singapore are indeed very honoured to have the ability to serve all of you ^_^
Do you still believe in fengshui ? Have you seen how fengshui works ? and keep on working ? Fengshui has to work if not then that is not fengshui !
FSQ Notes : If you can "read" a situation/problem on hand/issues here or there..... deeper than anyone else then that means that you are Very Good, meaning that your mind is very very calm and therefore can read any situations very well.
Meditation helps calm down the mind and that is why every morning before I go to work, I would usually sit down to meditate a while before I go out for my first appointment and that is why my first appointment usually start at 11am and I come home early each day too but I work 7 days. My feng shui is My Life ! If I were to start my life all over again, it would still be feng shui !!! ^_^
It is a very specialised skill and not many are very good at it, only the very best survives and live to a ripeful age. Most masters when they grow old, they pass the business to their children. This is because the fengshui business can really zapped up the energy in us. Therefore we also have our own secrets to keeping the energy energetic (body and foot massages plus others) and also looking younger and youthful.
Then ignore anyone else's who maybe at your work place and who can't keep their mouth "shut", leave them alone and you would be a lot happier ^_^ we can "shut" our ears and the noises right ? :))
FSQ Travelling : This month, October I maybe flying to Shenzhen, China very soon and is a very short trip. Thank you to all our supporters and readers of this blog !!! ^_^

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