Friday, October 28, 2011

DIAL "FSQ" for FengShui Queen SG

Today, 29 October 2011 (Saturday) - It's a Saturday ! well it depends whether you work on weekends or not, if not the weekends can be the busiest for most fengshui masters here in Singapore.
Recently, I have been to many new HDB flats like those at Bishan Street 24, Kim Tian Road, Havelock Road etc The flats there are very nice and windy ^_^
Predictions 2012 Talk - I have another talk coming up on 12 January 2012 organised and invited by NUSS. If you are a NUS graduate, see you there ! we are probably campus mates !!!
Travel - I would be travelling next week on 4 Nov and back on 5 Nov on SQ to China. It's a short trip.
The other day, a lady called and spoke to me telling me that she is my blog fan and we spoke and chatted for a while and something she said strike me. She said she knew that I was very busy just by reading my blog............and I wondered how she knew as she is correct in the sense that the last 3 weeks I was very very busy. Now I am "freer".......if there is such a word !
Have a great weekend !!! ^_^

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