Sunday, October 02, 2011

Shall I move the Bishop or the Castle ?

Today, 3 October 2011 (Monday) - It's another Monday. Hope everyone is fine especially when the Dragon year, 2012 approaches.
Life is like a chess : We move our steps carefully so as to win the game. So which piece on the chess board should I move next ? The bishop or the castle or the pawn ? And when we make the wrong move, oh we can still move correctly to turn things around :)
Well, we have to think carefully before we make each decision. In life, some people think too much and too long and worry over nothing. Well, this is not me and I hope it is not you, too.
Singapore Fengshui Blog on Master Lynn Yap - Thank you to many of you who came here daily to read my blog especially about fengshui so that you can learn.
I am sorry if when you come to my blog and there's no update because I am busy. I will try to write more and daily if possible.
Recently, I have been to a few new condos where the owners got their keys to their new homes. I am sure this will spur more business for those in interior design companies, contractors, furniture shops, cable TVs etc. We are all connected in life. One turn of events would lead to another. I hope you can spend time reflecting on this.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's first law of motion. I was a science student of the Convent Of the Holy Infant Jesus, Victoria Street. There were only two classes in the whole school, one whose second language is mandarin (where I go to) and the other where the second language is malay. Those years were early 1970's. You probably were'nt born yet !
After I did well in my O levels (scored As and Bs and got some Cs) then I went to CJC to study Arts where I go for the points, which one easier for me to study in order to score points so that I can go SU which I did...... enter SU Bizard but graduated with a NUS degree. I could also enter accountancy with my points scored but I dislike maths so I applied business admin instead. I like subjects like marketing and management.
It was also my dad's wish that I enter the local University to make him feel proud then and I like to please my dad and so I studied very very hard. It was an unbelievable joy for me when I received a green letter that I got into SU Business Administration. I was staying at my parents home at Jalan Kuras whose fengshui is very very good for children's study. My brother and I are the products of the fengshui of that house.
I write this with the wish that young children can make their own parents' wish come true.
Well, it didn't matter actually in real life, it matters what we did with our degree that is the most important. There are some people who are very very successful in life and business and they are without a University Degree but those are very very few. Please remember to count your net worth and if you are married, you have to divide it by 2.
Annual Reviews and House Reviews - Many thanks to those who had booked appointments for the month of December for the coming new year. I may not be a good writer but I have plenty of very very good loyal fans ^_^ (I had touched the hearts of many many citizens with my fengshui) and yes, I write from my heart which also makes me a very different feng shui master from the rest.

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