Friday, October 07, 2011

Shyness is not an issue or is it ?

Today, 7 October 2011 (Friday) - TGIF ! well, it is the end the week and hope that your week went well. well, we are the "ang mo pai" type ^_^ a little bit white on the outside and yellow on the inside or was it the other way around ?
(that's why we know how to use TGIF lah)
Dragon Year 2012 : I wrote in my blog sometime back about what you experience the last two to three weeks would be : what's gonna be like for you in the year of the Dragon and Oh..............a client made an appointment to see me for her annual review as she got worried.
Then I explained to her and she understood, I was happy for her. I know there are many out there too waiting to see me, well, please wait till I am back from China and I will be there for you ^_^ two or three hours, annual reivew is not an issue. you know that ! *wink*
You remember the lady client whom I helped to choose a good feng shui condo, well she finally bought a two bedroom condo which is very near my space@Kovan condo. Some people in my Facebook said property prices is all about the supply and demand. Do you agree ?
SHYNESS is not an issue or is it ?
Some people can be quite shy and when one is shy then communicating what you want can be quite difficult particularly if you are very very shy and always say things or mean things the direct opposite of what you really want. Bottomline was : because you were shy.
Learning to overcome your shyness is good as it helps in relatonships between couples or even in relationships with anyone. Use sms or email if you find communicating face to face, shy.
Are you still shy ? I hope not. If you ever want to be successful in your career or in your relationship with your other half or anyone or even in your life, do not be shy. This is because shyness in anything can only bring about more problems, miscommunications etc. If you have been thru life and lived life till age 45 or more, you would probably know and understooded because you have LIVED and EXPERIENCED life ! Cheers !!!
Photo shows : HDB flats at Bishan Street 24, I was there today, Natura Loft

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