Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TRUST is a 5 letter word

Today, 12 October 2011 (Wednesday) - Hi, I am just back from Shenzhen, China since Monday.
I travelled in business class via Silkair and on the plane, I had my ipod playing "In The Enchanted Garden" by Kevin Kern as I watched the white clouds in the sky. You must feel what I feel...........ooooh so lovely and so peaceful ^_^
Trust is a 5 letter word between a fengshui master and his or her clients. It is so important as without TRUST, there would be no dealings and no bonding. The fengshui results speak of itself about the TRUST - what clients gain out of this. I am sure many would have felt the results by any fengshui masters from Singapore ^_^
Photo : shows the view at my room at Parkview Hotel in Shenzhen, China. Thank you, I really enjoyed my trip :))

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