Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Being gentle to the man in your life"

Today, 15 November 2011 (Tuesday) - how is your week so far ? this photo was taken recently and hope that you like it. It was chosen out of 20 photos :))
FSQ Note : Thank you for those who like yesterday's short note on men. Well, what about the women ? I noticed that women who earn more than the men in the house tend to have more say and final say. They also tend to be a bit bossy ^_^
Most of the men generally will just agree with their wives maybe they just want to avoid any disagreements in the house and to have more peace. However, some men will still want to state their point of view and this is where some disagreements can come about.
For those women who earn more : just be a bit gentle in the house and that would be perfect. Example: serve him with a drink rather than call the maid and get the maid to serve him ! that is simply not right, in my own opinion.
I know of some women who are married to very talkative husbands. Gosh !.........still can be gentle huh ? try lah ! ^_^
I may not write much about the topic but I will hit the nail at the very spot where the "problem" is. That is my strength why many people like to come and see me for a destiny reading. Their first reading may not be very long, usually just an hour or so but their annual review or second or fifth or sixth readings are usually longer and for some, can run for 2 to 3 hours. we simply have so much to talk about..........including when to buy properties and when to buy gold :))
If you want to know what investment we can do next year ? Come to my talks at Safra Mt Faber or Safra Tampiness or NUSS next year in 2012 ! This year, 2011 was quite a challenging year for me as I did not make any investments in gold when early this year gold was only US1300/- per ounce (because I bought our office and a new car) but for next year, 2012, I am ready with my funds. Let's go for it, together in our fengshui Queen SG spirit !!!

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