Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chinese tea for you, dear ?

Today, 29 November 2011 (Tuesday) - looks like November is going to be a short month with no 31st.
From today onwards, after work, I will be working on the 12 animal signs' fortune for the year 2012 as a particular Organisation had requested for them and I have a very tight dateline (haven't felt this way for a long long time and oh ! I perform best under stress) ^_^
FSQ Photo : how do you like my new tea cup ? Yes, a bit kiasu, so put extra tea leaves for that "Oohm feeling" ^_^
My favourite tea is "tie kuan yin", somehow these "leaves" can give me a nice pleasant taste and "feeling".
There was once I was in Guangzhou, China and tasted one of the best "tie kuan yin" tea that I had ever drank. Later, someone told me that that was his (China Official) personal tea leaves, very very good grade. Till todate, I have yet to buy such tea leaves that can leave a very thick pleasant taste in my mouth after drinking the tea and having hat "feeling" again :))