Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing wealth

Today, 21 November 2011 (Monday) - work is as usual.
Feng shui blogs - On Google search, hei my blog managed to climb to number 9 spot ! of course if you search for Singapore Fengshui blogs, my blog is ranked number 1. ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore Note - There was a day when I was doing fengshui when my couple client said that they own 7 properties now. Wow ! it was an eye opener and they bought these properties before 2007. You can imagine the profits , on paper, they already made.
Our parents used to tell us to save money and don't spend too much -
What they did'nt tell us was how to create wealth the easier way than simply saving money. I guess there is no right or wrong answers, it is about how we go about creating wealth for ourselves vs making the property fully paid up as soon as possible. which one is the right method to growing our wealth ? Can someone tell me ?
What I do know of is : As long as my last house that I stay is fully paid up, I am ok. It is a make it or what ever in the coming pig year, 2019. Those we want to keep, we keep, those we want to sell, sell and make profit. And I still wonder if location , location , location is it still valid ?
Many of my clients that I do know are of net worth, S$2million up and yet they dressed very simply and are quite humble :) You don't know THAT is a multi-millionaire at your favourite kopitiam.
We don't need a lot of money but some millions is good enough ^_^
Bazi Case Studies : These days, I am doing more annual reviews now and I spend more time with them to help them succeed in career, wealth, family relationships or love relationships. I am most happy doing them and some even invite me out for lunch ! yummy yummy !!!
FSQ Tip1: One of them told me after changing her iphone to red colour cover, her phone never stop ringing and she is in property business !!! I wonder if she will try my ice kachang theory ;) wink wink
FSQ Tip2: Next year, 2012 and the year of snake, 2013 and horse,2014 are not good years so better plan to save more for rainy days.


Anonymous said...

You said take ice kachang. What about those belong to Wood. Eat ice kachang or beef. If can't take beef then guess pork/chicken also can

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know what is your charges for a bazi reading?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

How much do you charge for the annual review ?


Anonymous said...



Twilight Man said...

Over here, I am involved with property advertising and selling for years. My jaws often dropped seeing those Ah Peks who came in shorts with bags of hard cash to pay down payment! Like you said, they are real millionaires and never dine in fancy hotels.

Lynn Yap said...

Mr Twilight Tan

I agree, the very very rich Ah Peks are usually quite humble but when you asked them to "show me the money" that is when the FUN begins !!! :))

Next time, take photo, that way you too can grow Rich ^_^

Lynn Yap said...


Bazi reading fee is S$170/- per session and usually last an hour however special request can be made for two hours.

Annual Review fee is S$120/- per session, on the average is one and half hour. Some like to buy me lunch and that can stretch to three hours.

Lynn Yap said...

About eating icekachang : some wood person may be weak wood then they are advised to take more wood or more vegetables.

While some are strong wood person then earth becomes favourable to them that is why they should be eating more beef, mutton or pork in order to have greater luck !

I have one lady client who try her own method of eating ice cubes and she hope it works for her !!

I think I need a scotch tonight with only one ice cube, just to let it melt and not for me to eat or suck ^_^ and make it a Double Black, my favourite.

Sell House said...

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