Monday, November 14, 2011

Is controlling everything, any good ?

Today, 14 November 2011 (Monday) - it's another Monday and a brand new week. Let's go thru this week pausing at some moments of the day and spend time with yourself or to meditate. Then some bright new ideas may come your way.........
FSQ Notes : Some men like to control things especially within the family, they like to decide and they want to have the last say. If you happen to marry such a man then you have to learn to let him decide everything if not there will be conflicts or disagreements.
Some men are mature then that is much better. In the sense that whatever decisions before he makes, he likes to hear your opinion. that is call "respect". we, ladies like that but then ultimately he makes the decision, right or wrong ^_^
Maybe that can feed their ego !
What can you learn from this ? well to all those ladies who are prepared to get married and start a new life together with him, learn first how to "bow down" (be humble) a little to your man. it will help and go a long, long way towards a happy marriage. Well, I am not saying that we, women listen 100% to them, just 95% will do lah ! ^_^
Photo: shows "the wind of change" CD (Bandari Music) which you heard below and my new shawl from a couple client who came all the way from Malaysia to meet me and gave me these. Thank you very much ! I shared the beautiful music with all of my clients/friends/fans/family members.

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