Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's get ready to wrap up a great year !

Today, 28 November 2011 (Monday) - is another brand new week and I know that some of you are busy preparing for Christmas............whether you are celebrating or not celebrating Christmas still has to come.
Singapore Feng Shui :
Let's get ready to wrap up the year and get ready to welcome the new year, 2012 !
Have a positive mindset always and forgive those who made us upset or whatever and then forget them. Learning to forgive others when others hurt us badly is one way to open our hearts and to allow more love/help/wealth to come into our lives.
If you have had a great year in 2011 then it is time for you to give generously this Christmas, ok ?
FSQ Tip: Buy some candles and place them in the power area of your house or office (but don't burn down the office) and wait 3 hours for your mobile or land phone to ring which is usually Good News. Try it as it works ! ^_^

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