Thursday, November 24, 2011

My dearest : this tip is for all ex lovers finding true love !

Today, 24 November 2011 (Thursday) - It is the time of the year when my clients seek their bazi annual reviews and some would invite me to go for their house annual reviews.
Personally, I also like attending to these as these warm my heart that my clients still support and trusted me. Thank you for the trust over 20 years ^_^ Excuse me, your fengshui Master is already over 50 !
A Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip on LOVE : "How to get the ex back into your life !" Try this :
Many people fall in love and many also fall out of love.
For those who wanted their ex boyfriends back, we have a fengshui solution to that and that is : to place a real red rose without the stem in front of their photograph placed at the bedside table beside your King or Queen size bed and that would make the man think of the lady and the lady to think of the man and he will call.
The inspiration to write this came about because it worked for a lady client however the rebound relationship was short lived. Maybe the lady should have been more gentle as that should work ! ^_^ "Be gentle to him"

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Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know how long must I place the rose in front of the photograph? Do I placed the same rose for a few days, or a new one each day? Sorry to trouble you.