Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where can I go for my ice kachang ?

Today, 16 November 2011 (Wednesday) - it is the middle of the week......let's hope the rest of the week will be smooth, good and peaceful.
Fengshui Queen Singapore's blog : Thank you to many who told me that they enjoy reading my blog. I felt very pleased and happy as I know that everytime when I write this, my readers/my clients will all love them ! that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction ^_^
Bazhi Case study : There was a day when I was doing a life reading with a client and I asked him to go eat ice kachang and that if he does, within 30 mins, his mobile phone should ring and that is good news meaning some form of money is to come to him and ask him to try it out to prove my theory wrong. But he ask : where can I find ice kachang now ? ^_^
Photo : shows the view from my Hotel in Guangzhou, China.

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