Monday, January 31, 2011

Peace of mind is what counts in life !

Today, 1st February 2011 (Tuesday) - hi....guess the rain might dampen our mood for the Chinese New Year, huh ? long as in our mind and in our heart, we have "peace of mind" then we are ok.
Singapore Fengshui Blog, Lynn Yap - Only when you have "peace of mind" then you are able to help others fully, without which you can't do anything well or fully, 100%.
Try to achieve "peace of mind" first before you set out to create wealth for yourselves or even to have love coming to your life or a happy family. Everything begins with YOU. When YOU are not peaceful, it shows in your temper, your attitude towards people around you or even towards money.And some people never FOCUS on money and that's where they can't save money. I see them spending and spending.
How to achieve "peace of mind" is to learn how to focus your mind on your breath and try not to allow the mind to wander too far. It can be quite difficult at first but try it nevertheless, once you develop your peace of mind, you can look at things deeper and that includes READING deeper into fengshui and your destiny reading.
The ONE who can read DEEPER into things even one step deeper is a winner and is successful.
Listen to conversations by your bosses and you and see who can read things deeper, your boss right ? why ? Think ! That way, you can learn to improve.
1) 9 February - Invited by SIM (Singapore Institute of Management)
2) 10 February - Invited by SMA (Singapore Manufacturers Association)
3) 14 February - Invited by Carlton Hotel for its guests

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting on Lunar New Year 2011 !

Today, 30 January 2011 (Sunday) - I love Sundays cause I get to take Benjamin (my car) out for a spin along Yio Chu Kang.
When do we stop work so as to welcome the Lunar New Year ?
In our brand of fengshui Queen, Singapore (registered mark), we don't stop and we don't start. We are very hard working people and that's how we become successful besides the feng shui helping us.
We will still continue to work and work meaning till Chinese New Year eve, we are still working or rather I am still working. I am one of those who will buy my Chinese New Year clothes on Chinese New Year Eve. This year, is quite good already as I had time to go tailor make my qipao top and I have chosen a bright red dress from Tyan Boutique.
Then on the first day of Chinese New Year, we would go to our office to turn on the lights, air con, computers for one hour, do some work (send email greetings or reply emails) and then go home or go visit family members/relatives. After that, any time we start work is a very Good day.
I usually start work on 3rd day of Chinese New Year (kia soo) so this year will be on 5 February 2011 where my clients will come and I will give them mandarin oranges (without the transparent wrapper) and if there are young children around, I would give them red packets.
FSQ NOTE: 4 February 2011 (Li Chun) I am not picking up my calls ! Don't call me...... can whats app or sms. Want to make appointment, sure can !!! Have a wonderful Lunar New Year 2011 !!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another test shot !

Today, 29 January 2011 (Saturday) - I will be at Ang Mo Kio for house fs then to Raffles Place.
How do you like this shot ? Rooster ! and my favorite rooster, for sale at S$138/- Contact MY Fengshui Gallery.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My test shot with Canon EOS 60D

Today, 27 January 2011 (Thursday) - Many of us are probably busy getting our house or office ready to welcome the lunar new year and I saw people busy buying new clothes for the new year too ! so lovely !

FSQ PHOTO: "A Yellow Golden Flower against the backdrop of my house where the Dragon's breath lies"

How do you like this test shot using my new camera Canon EOS 60D. I am not a good photographer I know......but shall try my best to take better shots ok ? Anyhow, I prefer being photographed ^_^ (please take more photos of me)

FEBRUARY TALKS: I am scheduled to deliver 3 more talks on Predictions 2011 and am most impressed that Feb 10 LoHei with Singapore Manufacturers Associations (SMA) I have a total of 300 participants!!! Wow ! I am REALLY VERY VERY impressed and honoured. See you there and would be joining for dinner and Lo Hei for GOOD LUCK, BETTER HEALTH and WEALTH !!!

YouTube: Ajahn Brahm on "Living with non-Buddhists"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 Golden Mandarin Oranges going to the Freezer

Hi, today is 26 January 2011 (Wednesday) - I have a long day today with 3 readings in the office followed by a house review in Yishun.
Many of you have asked me when to start putting the mandarin oranges and the answer is now. For how long ? the answer is for a whole year and what to do after that ? I have no answer for you now.........
FSQ NOTE: Photo shows me having dinner at a restuarant that serves very nice Korean food. You like korean food ? which is your favourite ? enjoy the busy days, buying things for the new year yah ? see you in the year of the Golden rabbit !!! Huat Ah !!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you !!!

FSQ NOTE: Thank you for coming to my talk at Safra Tampiness, hope you like the rabbit coin key chain !

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese New Year - Dos and Don't

Today, 22 January 2011 Saturday - Hi......I believe all of you would be very busy getting ready to welcome the Golden Rabbit, 2011. Let's hope we will have a Golden, Prosperous and Healthy lunar new Year !
What does one need to do when getting ready for the lunar new year ?
1) Always wear new clothes for the new year so that it means that you always will have money to buy things. Just buy for first day of new year is good enough.First day of new year, wear something red at least for two hours.
2) Remember to buy new pairs of chopsticks, bowls, plates - I usually just buy new chopsticks (red ones) to welcome the new year so that the career will always be good and smooth.
3) Get new crispy money ready -
4) Buy new ang pows as well as get from the banks - I love to keep those ang pows with chye sen yeh on them. This year, I saw so many, you may wish to buy some and keep.
5) Order 1 kum quat and 2 Chry flowers to your house/office - Make sure they deliver to your house or office. Do not carry them yourself. This is because when people deliver to your house, it means that they are bringing wealth to you.
6) Don't buy new hankerchiefs during these period -
7) For titbits in a red tray to celebrate the new year - always buy the pineapple tarts as pineapple brings wealth. then when you go visiting, eat the pineapple tarts !!! and if you want your friends and relatives to have a great year too ....serve them pineapple tarts and don't forget the "nain kao" too, fry with eggs, very nice (and I use olive oil only).
8) Please say "Good things" to everyone around you and especially on 4 February 2011 !!!
FSQ Note: I will be travelling to Japan twice in the coming new year 2011 to help my client build his house with his lovely wife. I was told I can visit the hot springs, hei ! that would be nice. I also bought a new camera Canon EOS 60D, getting ready to shoot !
Counter : 236048

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Fengshui is more important than office fengshui ?

Today, 20 January 2011 Thursday - how have you been ? Hope this new year 2011 did bring some form of good luck and heng heng season for you while we are waiting and getting ready to welcome the lunar new year of the Golden Rabbit.
The two weeks running to the lunar new year can be a most busy period for some while for some it can be a lull period as everyone's industry is different and on top of that, is an individual's bazi, house fengshui and office fengshui.
Many years ago, someone ever asked me if house fengshui is more important than office fengshui and I replied : both are equally important but the house fengshui would have a stronger impact on the individual as one sleeps there and spends at least 8 hours in a day sleeping there and unless you sleep in your office and your office and home are the same place.
FSQ NOTE: One of my client told me she and her husband are going to the ATM machine on 4 February 2011 at midnight to deposit cash ! I think I treasure my sleep more (you know that I sleep every night around 10pm) but hmmm...........if I can't get to sleep then I would drive down to my favourite ATM machine but first please teach me how to deposit cash.I had better practise first before I "kang leng kar po" (hokkien) on 4 Feb !!! ^_^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you to all my fans of this blog !

Hi, I didn't know that I am so popular that yesterday and this morning, I received over 15 emails asking for my powerpoint slides. Well, I just hope that none got tampered like previous years. And just look at my blog counter ..... Gosh over 500 visitors to this site in one day !
Thank you ! and thank you for coming to read my blog. I will try to write juicy fengshui stories soon but not the ghostly ones yet till after the new year ^_^ so stay tune !
BTW, I have been interviewed by a Global News Company, AFP on their lunar new year story. So catch me there ! and be seeing you this Saturday at Safra Tampiness, my last talk for the year of the tiger and I have two more in February for their Luo Hei !!! Let's Huat ah !!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

In every darkness, there is a brightness !

Today, 18 January 2011 Tuesday - Last week was quite a week ! Well, this week, I am also busy with house reviews and annual reviews on top of my other new fs projects.
You should be getting my powerpoint slides, 2011 from your friends thru emails and if by end of this week, you did not receive any then you can email me at : where I personally will answer all your queries and I would always try my level best to reply as soon as I can.Of course, sms is faster or try Whatsapp (Iphone application).
FSQ NOTE1: Photo shows me relaxing having my favourite Japanese food and cold sake, yesterday evening. My job is to make you rich, healthy, happy, family harmony and above all, "peace of mind" which is free from all life's sufferings by having a change in your mindset. That is by looking at every problem from a different angle.
Try it this new lunar year, 2011 and Good Luck !!!
In every darkness if you feel you are going thru one, there is a rainbow or brightness somewhere. Be patient and it will come. Trust me.
Similarly in every brightness, there can be a darkness and therefore we must know when and how to avoid so that our lives will always be smooth under a guided experienced Fengshui Master. That's yours truly.
FSQ NOTE2: In every Ying, there is a Yang, in every Yang, there is a Ying.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To help and asking nothing in return is Bliss !

Today, 13 January 2011 Thursday - This week has been a busy week for me and so if I did not reply your sms for your appointments, please bear with me for a while.

Recently I received a few emails from people who attended my talk at Safra Mt Faber, some asked for help, some asked for my fees. If you know me well, you would know that I am someone who will help anyone who approaches me.
FSQ NOTE: Photo shows me reading out the questions.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Thank you for coming to my talk at Safra Mt Faber !

FSQ NOTE: Thank you all for coming to my talk at Safra Mt Faber, heard there were 276 participants. When I went home, I received 4 sms telling me that they enjoyed the talk very much !!!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Today is the first day of everyday !

Today, 7 January 2011 Friday - Well....the lunar new year is approaching us very very soon, so how is your fortune ? Hope you are keeping well and have had a wonderful 2010.
For me personally I did. I ended the year by buying a small one bedroom apartment at Space@Kovan on the #04-xx level using the profits from the sale of my Ubi office. I am not seeking finanial freedom till age 60 and with a net worth of some x dollars and a comfortable passive income for two.
With the purchase of Space@Kovan my total asset value has gone up and so will the net worth, soon. For me, when I do a purchase, I do it within my means and with at least a spare 6 months expenses remainder, better still is a year so that one whole year don't work, also can. That would be very very nice and that means that I would have to save more ^_^
Thank you all for supporting and coming to my talks (I heard others are also well received) and I was told that tomorrow's talk at Safra Mt Faber already have 276 people coming. See you !!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thank you for your 2011 New Year's Greetings !!!

Today, 2 January 2011: hi ! Just wanna thank all who sent New Year greetings through sms, Facebook, emails and Whatsapp. No one called cause if you are my clients, you would know that I seldom answers.
This is because energies are transmitted thru calls and you can bet that I don't pick up my calls particulary on 4 February and it goes the same for 2011.
Thank you for some of whom who are my avid blog fans too !!!
Well for the record, I celebrated my new year, 2011 with a lovely bottle of Moet Champagne at home ^_^ ( you know it is my dream to be able to pop champagne every night)
Photo shows : Space@Kovan, 11 Yio Chu Kang during their VVIP launch, 23 December 2010. Heard that the one bedroom apartments are all sold out.