Monday, January 31, 2011

Peace of mind is what counts in life !

Today, 1st February 2011 (Tuesday) - hi....guess the rain might dampen our mood for the Chinese New Year, huh ? long as in our mind and in our heart, we have "peace of mind" then we are ok.
Singapore Fengshui Blog, Lynn Yap - Only when you have "peace of mind" then you are able to help others fully, without which you can't do anything well or fully, 100%.
Try to achieve "peace of mind" first before you set out to create wealth for yourselves or even to have love coming to your life or a happy family. Everything begins with YOU. When YOU are not peaceful, it shows in your temper, your attitude towards people around you or even towards money.And some people never FOCUS on money and that's where they can't save money. I see them spending and spending.
How to achieve "peace of mind" is to learn how to focus your mind on your breath and try not to allow the mind to wander too far. It can be quite difficult at first but try it nevertheless, once you develop your peace of mind, you can look at things deeper and that includes READING deeper into fengshui and your destiny reading.
The ONE who can read DEEPER into things even one step deeper is a winner and is successful.
Listen to conversations by your bosses and you and see who can read things deeper, your boss right ? why ? Think ! That way, you can learn to improve.
1) 9 February - Invited by SIM (Singapore Institute of Management)
2) 10 February - Invited by SMA (Singapore Manufacturers Association)
3) 14 February - Invited by Carlton Hotel for its guests