Friday, July 29, 2011

"whatever comes out from you, comes back"

Today, 29 July 2011 (Friday) - Today, I met a lady client who was generous enough to share with me, her theory of success.
She said :"Whatever comes out of her comes back to her" and I replied :"Yes, exactly".............seems like we share the same sentiments ^_^ and I believe that : That is the basis for success in business or whatever one is doing in life.
1) When you are kind to others, others will be kind to you.
2) When you help others, others will come forward to help you, in times of need.
3) When you give generously to others, others will be most generous to you.
However, take note : Do not purposely help others when they don't wish to be helped. They, themselves must be ready. ok ?
Singapore's Feng shui Queen Tip: How do you like my S$100/- bill tip ? Great ? Strike 4D ? ^_^
FSQ Tip1: "When your eyelid droop, it is time to remove those extra skin. If not it iscalled :"phor shiang" (broken face) Do it, so your luck will be good again. Maintaining that good luck is very very important when you are in business.
FSQ Tip2: This Sunday is 7th month, 1st day. Go online or anywhere and do a generous donation to create more merits, ok ?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"the inside of a female fengshui master"

Today, 26 July 2011 (Tuesday) - It is already know ? Everyday, I will find something for myself to look forward to : be it going to check my long time client's new house or meeting up with a long time client for a reading. I always look forward to meeting them.
And if they have been very successful, there is this tremedous joy inside my heart that I would feel very very happy for them. This is me. The inside of a real fengshui master, Singaporean born, educated and worked.
Question and Food for thought : If I have S$100k, would I invest it in shares or in properties ? my take is on properties because my bazi is not suitable for shares. Hence, if your bazi is suitable for shares then go for it and make more while if your bazi is not suitable then better don't try.
Question : Which one (shares or properties) would give you more "asset value" ? definately property and I like "asset value" and "net worth".
FSQ Tip: A person's "mouth" is metal and hence if you need more metal then better for you to go karaoke and sing more, ok or wear more gold ? ^_^
FSQ Photo : taken this morning using my Iphone "the street where I live" ^_^

Monday, July 25, 2011

"buying a landed property" ?

Today, 25 July 2011 (Monday) - Wow ! another week !'s been a busy week as usual.
Last Saturday, I met an old client and his mum and when I finished the FS, his mum asked : Are you going home ? I replied Yes and home to watch tv (afterall Sat and Sun at 7pm, channel 8 has a very interesting Taiwanese serial to watch) ^_^
Singapore's most popular Feng shui Blog - Thank you to many who sent emails saying that they like to read my blog. Thanks ! Sometimes, I don't write much, but I guess is because my client base is rather large, that is why many of my clients feel very close to me when I write my blog....... huh ? I promise I will write more interesting feng shui tips for you, ok ?
FSQ tip: There was a day when a male client invited me to his landed property house and asked if I could just "see see" only for a small "ang pow". This young man's mum passed away in this house years ago and so when I sat at their dining table, I can feel a strong sense of energy coming forward towards me and then it whispered :"ka wa ho ho eh kua, ah !" (hokkien)
In my heart I was thinking, Eh excuse me, your son only ask me to "see see only leh" how to check in detail and tell him what to do. But then, still........ I did my best and left the place. This is a true story and the male client still lives in that house which had already appreciated in value.
FSQ Tip: Fengshui solutions can chase spirits away if really need to. There is a secret method written in the old feng shui books which only if you are righteous, will be able to get hold of this important knowledge. Anyhow, most landed properties do have some form of spirits here and there and hence when you intend to buy one, just be a bit careful and observe closely, ok ?

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Yakky Yak Yak" - spare my ears !!!

Today, 22 July 2011 (Friday) - TGIF ? ^_^
Question: Ever sat in the car while your other half yaks non stop on whatever his eyes can find ? and causes a slight pain in both ears ? hehe.......... I am sure this would ring a bell to all those ladies who are married to these - "one of a kind".
In the beginning, it was very difficult to tolerate while over time, we would have learnt to accept and to forgive. Afterall, every one of us are born with very different bazi which explains why our lives (destiny) are so different.
Doing many good deeds help as these help create "merits" which in turn would help us in many ways in our lives, especially when you REALLY needed help, it comes. you are simply just being very very blessed.
I have "read" (life readings) and "seen" many of my lady clients' husband whose bazi fit the above mentioned, particulary mine ^_^
Photo : shows me having a plate of steamed prawns and Guiness Stout in my glass *blurb* (Restuarant Todak, JB) (Thanks Aimus, my property agent (sold 2 light industrial properties with his help) for your kind recommendation) Care for some ? ooh ! over 284 people visited my blog since 4pm yesterday ! wow ! I like that !
FSQ Tip: Some people have "black hearts" hidden in them, these are the ones , we don't want to make friends with but who are they ? you won't know for sure till one day they show their colours by wearing the black heart on the outside, that day will come. Just be kind to everyone, no matter what, ok ?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"seafood for you" ???

Today, 21 July 2011 (Thursday) - A friend introduced me to this Restuarant in Johore Bahru and so one day, evening I went to try the food there. You can do a Google search and get the full address to go there or read more, the seafood restuarant is by the "sea" ^_^
FSQ Note: One thing I don't take : no crabs, no pork, no beef and no mutton. My favourite is prawns, cooked in any style.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Real, hot fire from the stove provides us with good career"

Today, 20 July 2011 (Wednesday) - We are fast approaching the 7th lunar month where the "yin wood" element would be most powerful and so is the rabbit animal sign of the year. Many people would be feeling lazy and sleepy (especially those who are born in the animal signs of rabbit and rooster) well, that is normal ^_^
FSQ Tip: "The stove in the kitchen represents your career"
Hence, the stove ideally should be a 4 burner stove with metal grills in between. If there arn't any metal grills, oh ! you are bound to have work pressures. And, you have to use your stove at least minimum once a month, using the real, hot fire ! Hot plate, not counted yah ?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"my last card is an Ace"

Today, 17 July 2011 (Sunday) - Hei ! today is a Sunday ! How do you like Sundays ? relaxing day and having breakfast at your favourite kopi tiam ? Muak !
FSQ NOTE1: In a poker game, the last card is the most important and my last card is an Ace of Hearts ^_^
What's the meaning of this ? nothing much, really, sweetie, except that I have a big heart full of love and care for anyone who needs my help.
Every Sunday, when I visit my parent's home at Sembawang Hills Estate, (10 years ago the houses there were worth only S$400k) my dad would usually go and buy my breakfast. I showed them what he bought me, this morning in my Facebook. Every kindness deserve another kindness to others.
Today, Dad still reminded me that I am very lucky to have gone and bought a 2 storey, 4 bedroom terrace house, some 8 years ago. Actually, I already knew where I was going but I didn't want to spoil his mood and sentiments ^_^ we call this in buddhism, having a Buddhist mindset.
FSQ NOTE2: "Be kind to anyone who's been most kind to you" by Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, Singapore, July 2011
FSQ Tip: The wealth area need not be very very clean. If it is too clean, then it means that the wealth is not fuctioning to its maximum. have a bit of dirt and dust here and there.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"think of others first then yourself"

Today, 15 July 2011 (Friday) - it is already friday and another weekend is coming. Well for me, I continue to work over the weekends and everything is by appointments only. I enjoy working and if I don't have work, I would sulk cause I love to keep myself busy and occupied.
Of course ,there are also many moments when I will take a break to go for my body massages or foot massages too ^_^ "All work and no play would make Jane a dull girl". In this case, would make Aunty Lynn, a dull girl.
FSQ NOTE1: Hmm..........seems like the second half is here where some of my clients tell me that they feel a bit lazy, don't know what is happening. Well, take heart, sweetie: we all have to go through that phase of our lives.
Many thanks to those who inform that my "Predictions for 2011" has been spot on ! Sure lah, Master Lynn, very chun one !!! and now become "ang pai" (popular) ^_^ Even at any kopi tiam when I sit and order food, somehow people recognise me, maybe is because of my Facebook. Too "ang pai" is no good ah, reasonable is ok.
FSQ NOTE2: Do you know that in my mind, when I am working, my clients' interest come first. Their well being, their concerns while I try my level best to help in the feng shui advice/cures and whatever ways and methods that I know of and that includes financial knowledge or marketing or sales cause I am Bizard trained. I studied Business Administration and am now putting it to good use. The concepts are the same just like feng shui concepts but the environment and the economy today is different, very different.
Even my family members' their interest come first then mine. I try and help them or do whatever I can within my means to help or make at least, make my parents happy.
FSQ NOTE3: Many people would still laugh at me, being a Geomancer. Some still do especially younger ladies. it is because they don't know what they don't know. Too bad. These ladies also somehow would think themselves very smart and proud. Wah ! no good leh. They can become the cause for all their unhappiness. While those who don't laugh at me are those who call me "sifu" (sze hoo) and are usually the Aunties, old enough to be my mother !!!
In life, what matters is : As long as they (the people) around me are happy then I am happy. My needs and wants are very little or very low BUT I still have my Dream and I can day dream, can't I ? (Dream a little dream of me)
FSQ NOTE4: In a day, I can over 397 visitors to my blog ? wow ! that would make me Singapore's best and most popular blogger in feng shui !!! ^_^ COOL ^_^

"Land is earth and earth is Land"

Today, 14 July 2011 (Thursday) - Work is as usual except that there was a client who first came to see me when he was 13 and today he is already 23, it's been 10 long years. wow.
FSQ Feedback : There was a client who sent me an email in Facebook saying that he strike 4d after following my S$100/- tip. Did you ?
FSQ Tip: If you are a wood person and the minute you own your 6th properties and money becomes tight then it is time to let go of 1 and keep to just 5. This is assuming that all the 6 properties are solely owned by you. However, if you wish to own more then you can co-own with a spouse/friend to own more properties or reduce the size of the landed property as land is of the earth element.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Wealth Area"

Today, 13 July 2011 (Wednesday) - In a house where you lived in, there is an "internal wealth" area and and "external wealth" area. And if one uses the "Flying Star school of fengshui", this type of fengshui incorporates the element of "time" and that is why if you use this method, one usually see results.
External Wealth Area refers to the swimming pool, river, reservoirs, lakes, oceans, sea, drains with full water outside your "house". "house" here usually refers to apartments and can be a landed property too.
Ideally, the external wealth area should be located South Western part of your "house". Then it means that your house has an external wealth area. The same applies to office buildings, factories etc. Of course, if there arn't any, we create and build them ! our very own external wealth area compatible with the owner's bazi (a form of destiny chart based on the 5 elements).
I personally like the external wealth area concept because the wealth can come in the form of "mo tun tin fat tat" (cantonese)
So those who lived in a landed property whose main door faces South West has the road outside the door as their "external wealth" area. If your main door is facing South also have. Now, you know why I always recommend main door as facing South or South West ? Go around and ask those super rich people, what is the compass direction of their house main door ? the answer lies here.
FSQ NOTE: One also needs merits and destiny to be able to live in one with these kind of facing de. You must always do good deeds and help anyone who approaches you for help and it need not be about money.
Internal Wealth Area refers to inside the house. There is a "space" in the house where the energy there belongs to the wealth. Most people are very keen on these. However, you must know what to do, to tap it and to make it work for you.
If you tap it wrongly like buying the wrong kind of fountain then one will not see results, 3 months later. And I dare to guarantee that 3 months later after a fountain is placed in the correct wealth area, results come. Then, you will know that the wealth area has started and the fengshui is working.
Some people engages feng shui master and yet they do not see significant results. Either the wealth area was wrongly assessed or the fountain that they use is not of the correct type. Some smart alec ever ask me if I can quantify the amount of dollars to the volume of water in the wealth area and I said I can ! He was very impressed. Well.............don't forget that I started "playing and experimenting with water" some 20 years ago when I was just 31 years old ^_^
Once the wealth area is located : two things that we do under the brand of "fengshui Queen Singapore"
1) Place a water feature to activate the wealth.
2) Whatever items we placed in the wealth area they will GROW ! so if you find that your collection of shoes kept growing ..........hmm maybe that is your wealth area ! of course, we don't put shoes, we use a nice "table" (usually, a chest of drawers or some uses an open shelve) to place the things that we want to grow. This table soon became known as our "wishing table" as we usually place condo /bungalow photographs there and of course, money.
FSQ NOTE: One evening I was at Bukit Batok and my lady client said to her friend that Master Lynn's fs concepts for house usually "no mirrors" and "no glass cabinent doors" ! Wah ! I didn't know that I became famous for these, that they become my FS house' theories ^_^
Well, most important is that : all my clients see results and they have prospered over the last 10 years. We don't have that many more 10 years, so this next 10 years before 2019 (year of the pig), we are going to make the most out of it !!! Are you ready ? If you know me well enough, you should know what is my game plan and your very own personal plan as well. Good Luck, Sweetie and have a nice day !!!

"blur like sotong, already ?"

Today, 12 July 2011 (Tuesday) - How was your weekend ? Great ? I hope. Hmmmm............we are already half way mark into the year, 2011 and I hope everything has been good for you. Gosh ! this rabbit year.............I don't know how to describe AND the year is not yet over ! 6 more months.
Feeling a little bit blur blur already......well the Dragon year (year, 2012) is about to come, very very soon ^_^
FSQ Note : Let's talk about wishing table : In our brand of "fengshui Queen SG", we use a "wishing table" to place all the things that we wish for. Have you tried ? Did it work for you ? It should work after 6 months then you know that the fengshui is working for you.
If you place 3 model cars there on the wishing table, you are bound to change car within 6 months. The energy in the wealth area will have an impact on your mind and cause you to spend money on a new car. you want ?

Fengshui Queen SG tip: Whatever items you place at the wealth area, can affect your fortune as well as all those who live in the same house or office.

Therefore, the house/office should be kept clean and no "funny" pictures or photographs placed in the wealth area.

Example : If you place a picture of an operating room in a hospital on a wall of the wealth area, be it in house or office then you will find that many family members or staff could end up in a hospital. Just be careful, ok ? And that is how fengshui works : the energy flows are silent but once it hits, can be sometimes very "strong". you believe in feng shui ? I will tell you more very, soon ^_^

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Getting excited about Maleka ?

Today, 7 July (Thursday) - How are things ?
This week, I am rather busy and so don't have much time to write nor think of a good fengshui tip for you ^_^ so just a nice photo for you to enjoy !
Photo shows : Casa del Rio Hotel at Maleka

Monday, July 04, 2011

Getting that S$100/- bills !

Today, 4 July 2011 (Monday) - Thank you for the numerous sms, comments in this blog or in whatsapp on the S$100/- bill.
Someone commented that she has to change to S$100/- bills then can change again and follow my tip ! Well, if you need to change then write a cheque and go to the bank to get your S$100/- bills that way, you won't loose your luck !!! OK ? ^_^
Hope you are working hard and busy at work. My fengshui tips usually work and that is why I have many followers or fans and many clients. You just need to be good at your work and the rest will just follow. These are the energies of the workings of the Universe.
FSQ TIP: When someone is extremely kind and nice to you, should'nt you appreciate and repay that kindness ? Have you ever been in that situation before when you can FEEL in your heart to be very very appreciative ?
FSQ Photo: Photo taken in a taxi on way to airport and home to Singapore.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

A 100 bill tip !

Today, 3 July Sunday - How are you getting on ? I am so sorry as I was busy this week. Well, I hope to find new photos to show you and because I was busy, here is a new fengshui tip for you !!!
Fengshui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap tip :
"Change a S$100/- note to small notes when your luck is down"
You will find that this tip is very very effective particulary if you believe in me, Master Lynn ^_^
Then come back and tell me how it works for you ok ? and I will give you another new tip in return.