Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Painting the nails, red to get Good fortune"

Today, 31 August 2011 (Wednesday) - Today, work is as usual. Many clients whose condo have been chosen by me found their new homes, fengshui very very good and they simply love the energy that the house can bring. I said to them :"Yes ! this is the Super Good feng shui that I am looking for" Sure to HUAT AH !!!! and good for 20 years ^_^
Some of you sms to tell me that some books that I recommended are quite good and very interesting. Thanks ! The books that I like to read are usually on investing or sometimes on buying properties written by successful Singaporeans. Need to support our local people with talent n knowledge.
I believe in obtaining knowledge especially financial knowledge not only in gaining financial knowledge but by putting them into action too. One needs to get REAL life experiences then you won't be fooled by others who have only bought one property in their life time or people who have very little life's experiences.
Photo: shows diced chicken with dried chillies, do you like chicken ? this delicious dish is from Imperial Hotel, Miri, Sarawak. Yummy Yummy ! If you are there, must try ah !!!
FSQ Tip: When sales or business is slow, go paint your nails red and when business or sales are too fast, remove them ^_^ Ah ! I mean the red colour. COLOUR therefore play a very important role in fengshui as well as a person's fortune (bazi) . Thank you to many of you who come daily to read my blog. It's close to 500 readers per day now and hope you found it interesting learning from a simple, female fengshui master ^_^

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Babe, I love U"

Today, 30 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Hi..........I am really sorry that I did not update my blog as often as I could as I was busy with work. Clients who got keys to their new condo starting sms -sing. Oh and got landed property can or cannot buy too.
Today, a client of mine sent me his 2 year old daughter, who wished me Happy Holiday and I was pleasantly surprised as she is only 2 years old and my fan !!! His proud father sent me this photo and here it is for all to see ^_^ so cute huh ? Aunty Lynn, says Hi !!!
Yes, I love children because they are all so young, innocent n adorable ! Coo Coo !
FSQ Stories : For those young married ladies, please spent quiet time with your husband and not let your baby occupy your time, 100%. This means that you are TOO attached to your child. This also applies to the guys.
Learning to "let go" a little bit is very important for your relationship with your spouse. Go kai kai, see midnight show or go supper, just eat and talk and nothing about the baby. The bonding between your spouse will then be good. Add a bottle of red wine and it will be perfect !!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Can I draw your eyebrow for the rest of my life?"

Today, 27 August 2011 (Saturday) - It's been a lovely day !!! How is yours ?
In the olden days, when a man says this to a lady :"Can I draw your eyebrow for the rest of my life ?" what does he mean ? think about this ^_^
Have a wonderful, relaxing day !
Photo : shows the inside of Imperial Restuarant in Imperial Hotel, Miri, Sarawak. I love the band there and they were playing some of my favourite english songs and yes, I enjoyed my dinner very much that evening.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vote for ?

Today, 25 August 2011 (Thursday) - Work is as usual and I slept well last night.

How does one vote for the new President of Singapore on the 27 August 2011 which is a tiger day and a metal 7th lunar month (monkey), most favourable for earth, water or fire person ??? The monkey and the tiger day will clash to produce either fire or water to be very supportive for anyone who is usually an earth person.
Some clients asked me who I will vote then I replied that one of them is my cousin's cousin or my Aunty's nephew so I will have to support him, one of the Tans ^_^
Photo : shows me at Imperial Restuarant that serves both chinese and western food. I had chinese food with a glass of red wine to wet my taste bud and the food is really really GOOD. Try it, the next time you are here in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Cheers ! ^_^

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Happy to be home and working"

Today, 24 August 2011 (Wednesday) - work is as usual but came home much later around 7.45pm.
How are you for the past few days ? Hope everything is fine. Abit tired today so gonna sleep early tonight.
FSQ Tip: Try to spend about 15 mins each day just to be with yourself. Some do it by meditating either before you go to work or every evening before going to bed. Try it, it is very GOOD for additional Good Luck !!!
Photo : shows the Imperial Hotel where I stayed for two nights. This hotel is next to a mall so going shopping is a breeze ^_^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Focus is very important when it comes to growing your feng shui wealth"

Today, 20 August 2011 (Saturday) - Today, work is as usual and home by 7.30pm.
FOCUS: Many of us lack focus in our daily lives and we just let the day pass. I am quite guilty of it too and did nothing the last 5 years. well, we shall see.........what's coming on NEXT in the next 5 years.
Property : Even though prices of property may come down the second half of this year, the next few years, will be very "trying" like Dragon, Snake and Horse. These are the best timing to buy something that you have always wanted for your family if not, then stay put especially when you are already 60 years old or older.
Photo: shows my room at Hotel Nikko Jakarta, so nice, right ? and because it is 7th lunar month, I left a lamp on. I also did not finish all my food but left some behind even in the plane. Told you, I am super "Pan Tang" ^_^ I know many of you also travel be it for leisure or work and has many other "different patterns" from mine. I had room service ate and drank (red wine) and watched movies before going to bed. The movies were good though and many friends also wished me well and good night in Facebook when I uploaded another photo of my bed with the two lamps *grin*

Friday, August 19, 2011

Am back

Today, 19 August 2011 (Friday) - I am back now !!!
Here is one photo taken from my room at Hotel Nikko, Jakarta where I stayed for the night. Lovely view isn't it ?
Fengshui Queen, Singapore's tip: Ever wondered why people said that when you have a cough, you are to avoid taking chicken ? It is because chicken or rooster is the metal element and mouth is metal too.
So if you eat chicken (metal), your cough (metal) will get worse ^_^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Live your life to serve others"

Today, 17 August 2011 (Wednesday) - Another day of life readings before I set off tomorrow to go to Jakarta, Indonesia.
After I come back and worked on 20 August, Saturday then on 21 August Sunday, I have to fly to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and back on 23 August 2011, I guess it will all be fun ! (direct flight)
I hope to bring some nice photos back and am going to miss some of my favourite shows but WORK always come first for me as the whole FOCUS of my life is : my work. I work 7 days a week but not all the daybreak hours, only by appointments only. That means that all my clients' need come first before mine. I am still available via sms, email, Facebook and Whatsapp to 9685-2718. I can live a very simple life with very little needs except for my super "pan tang" ways !!! ^_^ Oh and I love red wine like Merlot !!!
Oh and my eldest son, Ivan just went to NTU for his Animation degree, first year intake. I guess he was among the 12,000 Singaporean students who made it ! Oh yes, this boy makes me proud and I am a very happy mum.
Live your life to serve others :
That way, your life could be more fulfilling and "rich", in another sense.
FSQ Note: I guess it can be quite difficult for me to blog even if I bring my Ipad2 with me. I will try to give you a "one liner" *wink*

Monday, August 15, 2011

"If you ever want to be rich"

Today, 16 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Good Morning ! and thank you to the over 1087 visitors to my blog the last two days. Yah lah.............I did'nt know what to write so I "rested" but when I realised that hei, my fans/clients never give up ! I think I better give them something to think about and to help them grow their fortune ! Well, this is to thank you for being so supportive the last 20 years !
If you think I am successful in accumulating my wealth then please follow and if you think I am not successful cause I have nothing to show, then don't follow, it is ok with me. I walk the talk and grow assets and net worth using fengshui cures and "secrets".
Only when you come and see me for a can or cannot buy, be it HDB flats or a new condo or landed property then I will share with you, how people make it and then it is up to you to follow. Your ability to handle risk is one of the most important factor in determining if you are ever going to be successfully rich or not. (Many people do not like to take loans).Period. THINK !!!
So here it is : If you ever wanted to be rich, look inside of you. This is the "secret" plus read all those books that I recommended you to read. Knowledge is King and so is Cash !!! (please remember to keep reserves of at least 6 months worth of expenses so that in case anything happens, you won't be worrying about paying all your bills) I have a lot of bills to pay every month just like anyone else and one thing though, I never let my family members worry about me.
This is called "Thinking of others first then yourself" and when you care and love everyone in your family, you are definately a good son or daughter ^_^
Last Sunday, I showed mum, my blog and told her about 300 people come and read what I write daily and she was shocked but pleasantly happy and she said :"how come your photo makes you look slimmer than in real person". I replied to mum :"Ai yah, mum do you know how many shots I have taken and then I choose the best one to show to others ?" hehe Anyhow, mum does not understand or read english, she only look at my photos in this blog ^_^ So this photo is for you, mum !
Two THINGS if you ever want to be rich :
1) Always have an open mind - this means that when ever anyone says nasty things to do or do things to you, simply PAUSE for a moment first before taking action. This shows your maturity in handling matters as well as being professional (ka ka one, also looks good mah).
Do not take anyone's attack on you as "personal". Just smile and move on ! Or think positive !
2) Always have an open heart - when someone else is more successful than you, wish them all the best ! Only when your heart is able to have this Big and Generous heart and not a jealous heart then your own Good Fortune will come. Your sifu, need not be richer than you but he or she needs to be doing well and got something to show or is a very popular feng shui master ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's tip: To improve your overall fortune is to wear a thin gold chain round your neck or to wear a string around the neck depending on which element is most favourable to you. Wear something and you will notice the "difference". Anything worn around the neck has a very important influence on the day's fortune.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"To be THE Winner"

Today, 11 August 2011 (Thursday) - How are you ? Hope everything is fine with you.
This year 2011 and because of this blog and my powerpoint that was circulated, I had a couple
more clients that came to me for their life readings, all of them are first timers ^_^
Here's a good book that I have read recently and just wanted to share:
"The power of your Subconscious MIND" by Joseph Murphy.
FSQ Note: If you ever want to be successful in life, you must read this, understand it and use it your "subconscious mind" to help you and you can always be a WINNER all the time !!! ^_^

Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore !!!

Today, 9 August 2011 (Tuesday) - Yes......a very very Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore !!! and am just back from work , huh ? I don't know what is classified as "work" anymore. When I am home with the internet, is that also "work" ?
Property News : I usually like to visit Property Guru and read about the latest news on properties. Here is the link :
I am quite interested in the semi detached houses in KL ^_^ either that or a bungalow in JB ? Hmm.........still thinking or I go for a shop or industrial office in my own name, budget is S$1million or more. I want to find my "cash cow". I think many of you already found yours.............wait for me !!!!
"Mini" Properties: When we buy small Mickey Mouse condo units, their price per sq ft is usually a bit more than the standard and if you happen to buy small Mickey Mouse light Industrial units that are smaller than 700 sq ft, their selling price is also slightly higher than the standard asking price. I know of a place where the whole office unit is only 150 sq ft !!! Very very small right ? yeah.............but I have seen it and almost bought in 2010.
Finally, in June 2011, I bought my office at First Centre Building at S$441/- per sq ft and when the price goes to S$600/- per sq ft, I might cash out (profit of S$100k) to buy a bigger office. Downstairs shop frontage going price, I heard is S$800/- per sq ft my dream of S$600/- per sq ft, can come true huh ?
When the value of these properties go up, because they are small and hard to find in Singapore, you can then make money not immediately but over a couple of years. Some people like to call me a "property investor"......hmm.....I buy things that most people would not think of buying like a light office unit. I started investing in these since 2001, Snake year. The next Snake year coming soon either I will sell or I will buy again. Hmmm...............^_^ Happy Birthday, Singapore !!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Listen with our Mind, not just our Ears"

"Sunday, Funday"

Today, 7 August 2011 Sunday - Oh what a Sunday !!! spending time with parents, my brother and his family over brunch. After that I went to office for my readings. It has been quite a week ! ^_^ and some of my Facebook clients like the fact that where I go I sometimes do a "check in" so as to tell my Facebook friends where I am and what I am doing, well it is mostly work as I love to work and work giving my personal touch and friendly advice.
2 Fengshui Rules when buying a property:
This morning, a client wanted to know if he should go ahead with the purchase of a condo that he was eyeing for investment purposes. I replied in the sms saying that : 2 rules of thumb when buying any property:
1) The unit number of the house or block number or avenue number must follow the last digit of your marriage certificate. Eg: if 3 is the last digit of your marriage certificate then 3 could possibly be your spiritual number. Spiritual number is a number that follows you where ever you go. It may be a 3 or a 8.
2) The fengshui of the property should be very very good then can buy - For landed property, we can choose a main door facing south or south west that would be THE "very best" ^_^
I then shared with this client about my condo at Space@Kovan where I bought for a particular purpose and if the price of the condo that I bought goes to S$2000/- per sq ft, I am going to let go and sell. Afterall, these properties are all bought in my own name so that it makes it easier for the property to be sold. And I am very very decisive when I want to buy and I know just what to do and what to look out for.
You can check with those agents who handled all my "buys" and another set of agent who handles all my "sells". I am not a property investor, I buy them to keep and to use. However, if price goes to a level that is what I want to sell, consider it sold. I guess I make use of any opportunity that apears to me and listen to my own gut feel than anything else.
Property transactions : there could be many more properties being transacted the first half of 2012, be it for good or bad reasons. So best timing is to sell if you wish and if not, then hold and wait for the next best timing. Sometimes these timing also must coincide with your bazi timing for "profits" eh ? dun have in 2012, means no sale lah !!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"How do you like your fried rice ?"

Today is 2nd August 2011 (Tuesday) - Today, work is as usual.
Thank you for the many clients who posted Birthday Wishes for Ivan in my Facebook. Thanks ! (he is quite pleased)
How do you like your fried rice ?
Well, there are many ways to fry the rice and cook fried rice.
I like my fried rice with garlic best and is always good to take rice at least 3 or 4 times a week as taking rice also means that there is always rice to eat, every time (for fengshui reasons).
Fengshui Queen, Singapore's Tip: The same with cooking rice at home: One needs to cook rice at home at least once in two months even if you hardly cook. And cooking rice at home is not the same as cooking porridge.
In the old days, when people were poor, they cook porridge as a form of comfort food. so cooking rice is better than cooking porridge. Of course, occasionally, we can cook porridge and have something light to go with it. Some of my favourite food to go with porridge are canned stuff ^_^ (my generation, the 1950's, I think we like stuff like these)
FSQ Photo : This photo was taken recently as I was rather busy and therefore took less photos, not the best shot yeah ? but nevertheless the latest one lah !!! ^_^
Latest News : I have been invited by Safra Mt Faber (they already booked me, this January 2011 for January 2012's first Prediction talk) and Safra Tampiness for "Predictions for 2012", in January 2012. Watch this space, when registration opens, ok ? and see you soon !!!!
Investments : You know, Gold really went up to US$1500/- per ounce as predicted in January 2011 and Australian dollars really went up (my mum sold some of her Aussie dollars early this year and made some money) I did not invest in any of these but used the spare cash to buy my office this year in June 2011. Can't be helped lah ! I don't like renting so lucky, owners wanted to sell and lucky, I have some spare cash to pay for the office. Let's see what's going to happen in the Water Dragon year 2012 and see what's good to buy and make money by the end of the Dragon year yah ? Want to know more, come to my talks !!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Today is Ivan's 21st Birthday !!!

Today, 1st August 2011 (Monday) - Today is my eldest son, Ivan's 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday, Ivan !!! May you always be healthy and happy !!! ^_^
FSQ's gift : I bought him a silver key from the goldsmith shop just a few days ago. You can imagine the price of Gold then.......anyway, it is quite a pretty looking handsome "key". My son said it is simply Awesome !!!
FSQ Note: If you are already a mother with young children.......then one day when your child reaches 21, you will be able understand how I feel :)