Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chinese tea for you, dear ?

Today, 29 November 2011 (Tuesday) - looks like November is going to be a short month with no 31st.
From today onwards, after work, I will be working on the 12 animal signs' fortune for the year 2012 as a particular Organisation had requested for them and I have a very tight dateline (haven't felt this way for a long long time and oh ! I perform best under stress) ^_^
FSQ Photo : how do you like my new tea cup ? Yes, a bit kiasu, so put extra tea leaves for that "Oohm feeling" ^_^
My favourite tea is "tie kuan yin", somehow these "leaves" can give me a nice pleasant taste and "feeling".
There was once I was in Guangzhou, China and tasted one of the best "tie kuan yin" tea that I had ever drank. Later, someone told me that that was his (China Official) personal tea leaves, very very good grade. Till todate, I have yet to buy such tea leaves that can leave a very thick pleasant taste in my mouth after drinking the tea and having hat "feeling" again :))

Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's get ready to wrap up a great year !

Today, 28 November 2011 (Monday) - is another brand new week and I know that some of you are busy preparing for Christmas............whether you are celebrating or not celebrating Christmas still has to come.
Singapore Feng Shui :
Let's get ready to wrap up the year and get ready to welcome the new year, 2012 !
Have a positive mindset always and forgive those who made us upset or whatever and then forget them. Learning to forgive others when others hurt us badly is one way to open our hearts and to allow more love/help/wealth to come into our lives.
If you have had a great year in 2011 then it is time for you to give generously this Christmas, ok ?
FSQ Tip: Buy some candles and place them in the power area of your house or office (but don't burn down the office) and wait 3 hours for your mobile or land phone to ring which is usually Good News. Try it as it works ! ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking for sponsorship

Hi, early this morning Benny Soh, a very good personal friend of mine texted me inviting me to sponsor one of these : they are Tsong Karpa Tsa Tsa made out of Lama's ashes and soil from his cremation site.
Every piece is hand made and of course done by the monks from Kopan with such mindfulness and compassion. they only did a few pieces. I already ordered mine as I wanted so badly to be close to Lama Lhundrup.
I already had his chanting beads at my BMW with sponsorship, 10 years ago and when this came....... it was like a dream come true. I may not have his relic but at least I have a part of him for remembrance. Thank you so much ^_^
If you like to sponsor one of these at S$1k each, kindly call Benny, mobile : +65-9655-8313

My dearest : this tip is for all ex lovers finding true love !

Today, 24 November 2011 (Thursday) - It is the time of the year when my clients seek their bazi annual reviews and some would invite me to go for their house annual reviews.
Personally, I also like attending to these as these warm my heart that my clients still support and trusted me. Thank you for the trust over 20 years ^_^ Excuse me, your fengshui Master is already over 50 !
A Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip on LOVE : "How to get the ex back into your life !" Try this :
Many people fall in love and many also fall out of love.
For those who wanted their ex boyfriends back, we have a fengshui solution to that and that is : to place a real red rose without the stem in front of their photograph placed at the bedside table beside your King or Queen size bed and that would make the man think of the lady and the lady to think of the man and he will call.
The inspiration to write this came about because it worked for a lady client however the rebound relationship was short lived. Maybe the lady should have been more gentle as that should work ! ^_^ "Be gentle to him"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

feng shui blog - fengshui Queen, Singapore

Today, 23 November 2011 (Wednesday) - Christmas is approaching.......and everywhere looks blue and just hope that it won't turn out to be a really blue Christmas. This X'mas I would be working and am already booked, hope I can get some presents Q
Defination of Christmas can be found here :
I remembered one of my lady client who brought her two sons to the North Pole and met Santa Claus and took photos !!!
Too much ice melting at the north and south pole could cause about an increase in the water level (sea/ocean) surrounding our islands in the world. Is there anything that can be done ? Hmmm.........
Fengshui Queen, Singapore Blog : There was a day when I was asked to go down to check this shop space and the owner wanted to know why she could not rent this out.
I checked and later told her that the wealth area of this shop is outside the shop space as this shop space is not regular, hence the wealth area can fall outside the owner's shop. I gave her some solutions and went away.
7 months later, the shop was rented and found the rightful tenant. This is a real life case study except that some facts have to be changed to protect the real owner ^_^
FSQ Photo : shows a beautiful Christmas tree somewhere in a building. Let's celebrate a beautiful fengshui Queen SG Christmas !!! ^_^ MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! yah in early xmas spirits !!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing wealth

Today, 21 November 2011 (Monday) - work is as usual.
Feng shui blogs - On Google search, hei my blog managed to climb to number 9 spot ! of course if you search for Singapore Fengshui blogs, my blog is ranked number 1. ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore Note - There was a day when I was doing fengshui when my couple client said that they own 7 properties now. Wow ! it was an eye opener and they bought these properties before 2007. You can imagine the profits , on paper, they already made.
Our parents used to tell us to save money and don't spend too much -
What they did'nt tell us was how to create wealth the easier way than simply saving money. I guess there is no right or wrong answers, it is about how we go about creating wealth for ourselves vs making the property fully paid up as soon as possible. which one is the right method to growing our wealth ? Can someone tell me ?
What I do know of is : As long as my last house that I stay is fully paid up, I am ok. It is a make it or what ever in the coming pig year, 2019. Those we want to keep, we keep, those we want to sell, sell and make profit. And I still wonder if location , location , location is it still valid ?
Many of my clients that I do know are of net worth, S$2million up and yet they dressed very simply and are quite humble :) You don't know THAT is a multi-millionaire at your favourite kopitiam.
We don't need a lot of money but some millions is good enough ^_^
Bazi Case Studies : These days, I am doing more annual reviews now and I spend more time with them to help them succeed in career, wealth, family relationships or love relationships. I am most happy doing them and some even invite me out for lunch ! yummy yummy !!!
FSQ Tip1: One of them told me after changing her iphone to red colour cover, her phone never stop ringing and she is in property business !!! I wonder if she will try my ice kachang theory ;) wink wink
FSQ Tip2: Next year, 2012 and the year of snake, 2013 and horse,2014 are not good years so better plan to save more for rainy days.

Friday, November 18, 2011

"A photo speaks a thousand words"

Today, 19 November 2011 (Saturday) - work is as usual.
Fengshui Blogs - Some key words in a blog, can make your blog go higher up in ranking for feng shui blogs and therefore I write this here in the hope that my blog gets a high ranking too under this category in Google or Yahoo.
Fengshui Case Studies : Restuarant business is fire and their money element is metal and therefore it is good to have golden bowls, golden walls and even golden yellow lights to bring in more wealth.
FSQ Photo: shows the lights in the chinese restuarant where I have been for dinner in Guangzhou, China. If you have been there, you would probably know which one ! Have a lovely weekend !!! ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A beef a day, keeps money coming in for some !

Today, 17 November 2011 - (Thursday) - work is per normal.
FSQ Bazi Case Study : For some people whose money element is earth and has zero or only one money element, they can go out and take beef so that More money can come.
This happen during another life reading session with a client and I advise him to go take beef and observe what happens to him the next few hours. Today, he sms me telling me that it works ! he received a call, 4 hours later and bumped into a friend who wanted to sell off his property ! Wah ! business come for this man ! Rejoice and happiness to him ! ^_^ you, wanna try ? better go check that bazi chart first as not everyone can go out have a steak !
I may be a buddhist who does not eat beef/mutton/pork but that does not stop me from encouraging my clients on doing what's right from their bazi. Go check your bazi and see if you should eat more ice kachang or eat more beef ;)

Where can I go for my ice kachang ?

Today, 16 November 2011 (Wednesday) - it is the middle of the week......let's hope the rest of the week will be smooth, good and peaceful.
Fengshui Queen Singapore's blog : Thank you to many who told me that they enjoy reading my blog. I felt very pleased and happy as I know that everytime when I write this, my readers/my clients will all love them ! that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction ^_^
Bazhi Case study : There was a day when I was doing a life reading with a client and I asked him to go eat ice kachang and that if he does, within 30 mins, his mobile phone should ring and that is good news meaning some form of money is to come to him and ask him to try it out to prove my theory wrong. But he ask : where can I find ice kachang now ? ^_^
Photo : shows the view from my Hotel in Guangzhou, China.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Being gentle to the man in your life"

Today, 15 November 2011 (Tuesday) - how is your week so far ? this photo was taken recently and hope that you like it. It was chosen out of 20 photos :))
FSQ Note : Thank you for those who like yesterday's short note on men. Well, what about the women ? I noticed that women who earn more than the men in the house tend to have more say and final say. They also tend to be a bit bossy ^_^
Most of the men generally will just agree with their wives maybe they just want to avoid any disagreements in the house and to have more peace. However, some men will still want to state their point of view and this is where some disagreements can come about.
For those women who earn more : just be a bit gentle in the house and that would be perfect. Example: serve him with a drink rather than call the maid and get the maid to serve him ! that is simply not right, in my own opinion.
I know of some women who are married to very talkative husbands. Gosh !.........still can be gentle huh ? try lah ! ^_^
I may not write much about the topic but I will hit the nail at the very spot where the "problem" is. That is my strength why many people like to come and see me for a destiny reading. Their first reading may not be very long, usually just an hour or so but their annual review or second or fifth or sixth readings are usually longer and for some, can run for 2 to 3 hours. we simply have so much to talk about..........including when to buy properties and when to buy gold :))
If you want to know what investment we can do next year ? Come to my talks at Safra Mt Faber or Safra Tampiness or NUSS next year in 2012 ! This year, 2011 was quite a challenging year for me as I did not make any investments in gold when early this year gold was only US1300/- per ounce (because I bought our office and a new car) but for next year, 2012, I am ready with my funds. Let's go for it, together in our fengshui Queen SG spirit !!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Is controlling everything, any good ?

Today, 14 November 2011 (Monday) - it's another Monday and a brand new week. Let's go thru this week pausing at some moments of the day and spend time with yourself or to meditate. Then some bright new ideas may come your way.........
FSQ Notes : Some men like to control things especially within the family, they like to decide and they want to have the last say. If you happen to marry such a man then you have to learn to let him decide everything if not there will be conflicts or disagreements.
Some men are mature then that is much better. In the sense that whatever decisions before he makes, he likes to hear your opinion. that is call "respect". we, ladies like that but then ultimately he makes the decision, right or wrong ^_^
Maybe that can feed their ego !
What can you learn from this ? well to all those ladies who are prepared to get married and start a new life together with him, learn first how to "bow down" (be humble) a little to your man. it will help and go a long, long way towards a happy marriage. Well, I am not saying that we, women listen 100% to them, just 95% will do lah ! ^_^
Photo: shows "the wind of change" CD (Bandari Music) which you heard below and my new shawl from a couple client who came all the way from Malaysia to meet me and gave me these. Thank you very much ! I shared the beautiful music with all of my clients/friends/fans/family members.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The finer things in life and growing rich

Today, 9 November 2011 (Wednesday) - weather looks fine.
To grow rich : some people say the way to grow rich is to mortgage the house, while I have some clients who only wish to make their house fully paid and then they think they are very happy. That is because they have this concept of not wanting to borrow money. They dislike this idea. But I would ask : is this the mindset of learning how to grow rich ? if it is, I want to learn and try.
We cannot say if that is right or wrong afterall it is their want. we can only think if that can grow our wealth eventually. But I think whatever we do, it depends on how old we are now.
If one is in their 30's, getting a big loan or good debt is fine. But if one is in their 60's or more, then have to weigh the consequences and ask what you really want, maybe it is just for their short term investment (6 years) and then they will sell then that is fine.
Recently, I went to Luxus Hill and I like the environment there. I was there on a public holiday and saw many big cars passing by. Looks like this place is for the rich & famous ? It cost at least $2 million dollars to own one of these.
Would you like to have a big debt or would you prefer a smaller debt and an almost paid up property. If you look at the number of big cars on the road, you can easily guess the income level of the people and also their ability to buy and own these two million dollars property. Wah !!! I tell you what : put one million dollars in the house and take a loan of one million then can own already ^_^ (easy yah)
Photo : shows Sheraton Shunde, Guangzhou, China which offers 24 hours room service which is rare in China. I orderd Sheraton's famous club sandwhich which tasted just as good as the Singapore's one ^_^ (I have a bad habit when I travel, I tend to get hungry easily so I eat a lot.......inside my hotel room)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Getting into the fast lane to success !

Today, 7 November 2011 (Monday) - I am just back from my Guangzhou, China trip and have been working since including today and am just home.
How have you been ? Hope you are well and fine.
Photo shows : the airport lounge at Guangzhou Airport where I used my Priority Pass (I got promoted) to get in to sit and eat for a while before boarding the plane back home via SQ.
This pass allows me to get into over 600 airport lounges in the world and when I was there, recently, I was the only lady sitting alone which gives me a nice feeling where the men there started to LOOK. The name on the card reads : Master Lynn Yap ^_^
The trip though short but was very pleasant and nice and I throughly enjoyed the trip. What makes this trip particulary meaninful was that it was the first time in 14 years where I had dinner with my clients/friends. If you asked me what did I do during this trip ? Oh ! I went to Guangzhou , China to have a wonderful dinner with red wine for 5 :)) Have a lovely evening !!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"Let's do it right by reading and learning"

Today, 3 November 2011 (Thursday) - looks good.
Since I would be away to Guangzhou, China tomorrow, I thought that I should share with you the two books that I am currently reading and loving them.
1) "Mortgage and Grow Rich" by Alfred Chia
2)"Buy Right Property" by Getty Goh
I do hope you can gain knowledge by reading and then then putting them into action when the timing is right for you.
FSQ NOTE: Not many people have the destiny to stay in a landed property and that their career continues to be good.
There are some who are simply not suitable then after buying their first landed property their whole luck started to change. It is like the destiny of owning a big expensive "car" which is "metal" in the five elements while "landed property" is 'earth'.