Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thinking of my retirement home !!!

Today, 12 December 2011 (Monday) -'s another week !!! Let's hope this week passes smoothly.
Fengshui Queen, Singapore Wish : I hope the Iskandar, Malaysia project takes on to a higher level and maybe I go there and retire at 65.
I wish I can retire earlier..........but I can't.
Then all of you will have to come and see me there in Johore Bahru ! ^_^ but I don't plan to work anymore. I would like to plant some vegetables and fruits and keep a big koi pond and continue investments into Gold and property by that time, gold will probably reach US$4000/- per ounce ^_^
Security is very important to me too.
I hope to see : a special line at Immigration for residences of JB where we only need to use a special card insert it in and out we go in 9 secs, no need to Q (almost automatic) ^_^
Because if we are going to invest RM$1.5million to RM$3million in Malaysia (bungalow, the kind called Pool Villa with 8,000sq ft of land) it has to be worth our while or of some benefit and use and I hope there can be tax rebates too or a special scheme for Singaporeans who simply love Malaysia. Would you like to my neighbour ? ^_^
Well, these are my little wishes :))
FSQ : Have a great week !!!