Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a Heng Heng Dragon Year 2012 !!!

Today, 28 January 2012 (Saturday) - Will be going to office soon but just wanna update my blog a little cause I think I had been missing in action huh ? The truth was that I was busy working since second day of the Chinese New Year that is 24 Jan 2012.

Well,  just to show you the CNY greeting card that my relationship manager sent me and a packet of red PB ang pows (not in photo).

Hope that so far your cny celebrations and work has been smooth and "busy" ?  For those entrepreneurs out there, being busy is good and just follow the flow of events that come your way, yah ?

For my relatives that I missed meeting up with them : The ang pows are there with my mum ! 4 of them ! The Yap family lah !!! Sonny Yap,  Irene Yap and Charlie Yap & family

To those who asked me about changing big money to small money - I will only give juicy tips during my talks and after that I will not reply anymore especially when you have never texted me for an apppointment before.

This is because I have my own way of doing the business plus I cannot give  you my luck by replying. That's the main reason, sweetie. Don't you want me to have Good Luck too ? Well if you want your sifu, Master LynnYap to be good and successful, respect what I do and why I do this and that :))) hehe

And don't get upset after reading this: Many of my clients have very positive mindset and are a very very Happy lot ! ^_^

The iphone is great ! cause it allows me to capture when was your last appointment with me and your name (though you know I don't want to remember your name only your Face hehe) ...........especially when you next texted me.

I worked without a PA for some time already as I had decided to instead of paying the PA, I pay myself slightly more and that was like a couple of years ago, maybe more than 5 years and then  from the year 2006 onwards eversince I bought my BMW the 3 series initially (I drove that for 5 to 6 years before changing to a 5 Series last year, 2011) then I decided not to engage a driver and to pay myself more too. What a mouthful of words. I think my school teacher from the Convent (Victoria Street) will not pass my Singapore english !

I am quite a lousy driver and not good at parking so if your wife drives like can understand lah !

All these helped a great deal. Of course, I have to pay more taxes on my end but that is ok ! ^_^

My family & I wish you a VERY HAPPY HENG HENG DRAGON YEAR 2012 !!!!

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