Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's get ready for Li Chun !

Today 30 January 2012 (Monday) - How are you getting on ? I am sorry if I did not update my blog as often as I would like to because I was busy working. I hope you are busy too ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you for the numerous good comments about my blog and I will try to write often ok ?

Li Chun is coming on 4 February 2012 Saturday - so this day we go and bank in cash into our account. However, you must wear a red  blouse or shirt then it works ! since it is the first day of Chinese New Year, you must wear red colour even if red is not your favourable colour, ok ?

This ensures that our wealth can Grow according to the brand of Fengshui Queen, Singapore method and we have been doing this the last few years ! ;)) and our wealth did grow !!! see your funds and property portfolio ;)) ( I know of a couple who owns 7 properties all over the world)

About my Predictions for the Dragon Year 2012 slides - I will upload them on 11 February 2012 evening in my slideshare account under Lynn Yap. Thank you to the numerous new followers.

Something about Good Relationships between a man and a woman :
Just to share something about having good relationships: Not many of us are fortunate enough to find someone who is mature and understanding enough to tolerate all of our female nonsense and vice versa.

Therefore, some couple may have numerous disagreements especially in the begining when the relationship is very raw and when it needs 3 years of solid foundation of "getting to know you".

The first 3 years is always difficult - as there can be many disagreements because each has their own viewpoints about matters. Some may even quarrel over "a piece of paper" and when you remove the paper, the issue is gone.  however the couple would by then both be very furious ^_^

How to solve this ? is when you first try to get your message across and it hits a wall (that is he or she is not accepting your point of view and argues back) then avoid talking more about it. Stop talking.

Otherwise, the more you talk, the worst it can become. Therefore, stop talking and simply let him or her continue till the other party stops. This way, relationship would be much better. End of the day, both are winners and the relationship is intact and good.

Photo : taken last week, my latest ;)) 

Hope you like me sharing this concept with all of you, my wonderful readers ! ^_^


Angel said...

Dear Master Lyn Yap,
Thank you so much for your generousity and wisdom.
I respect your work and have taken to all you share with us. I have wondered often if you ever do consultations via phone or email as I never found anything yet on your websites. I ask here please if I can possibly I would be most grateful to you. Happy New Year!

Amanda Yong said...

Hi, can I ask if I do a deposit via ATM Cash Deposit instead going to the teller, is it still having the same effect?