Sunday, January 01, 2012

The wonderful effect of the POP sound !

Today, 1st January 2012 - Wow ! it's brand new year and hopefully it will be a great year for all !
Jade Buddha is coming to Singapore : If you like to support Jade Buddha, change your facebook profile photo to this one, you may do so and :
May the year bring you good health, greater wealth and happiness !!!
If you think you are rich then learn to be happy also - today, I had very good conversations with my clients during the house visit and I do that by sharing what I cannot write here in my blog with them so that they too can be "inspired". Is this the right spelling ? ^_^
Fengshui Queen Feng Shui Singapore tip: Every year, on the first day of the new year, I would usually pop a bottle of champagne and drink some. I have been doing that since 2003 ever since I stayed here at Gerald Crescent. Wow, 8 years, no wonder I feel like moving..........
Well, it's the "pop" sound that I like and that it can bring the year, better luck and fortune. Either you do it next year in 2013 or you may do it on Chinese New Year first day, that is after midnight on Chinese New Year eve.
Begin the new lunar new year of the Dragon with a good POP !!!! (we want to pop the Dragon's mouth so that he will not blow fire at us) ^_^ (Protection) Try it, it really feels good.

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Unknown said...


New Year is fast approaching. Please advise on how to dispose those oranges that you ask readers to put in the freezer.

Happy New Year