Monday, February 27, 2012

Fengshui Tips 1 for the Stove

Today,  27 February 2012 (Monday) - It's the start of a new week ! so how is everyone getting on ? Great or Super Busy ? ^_^

Fengshui Tips 1 for the Stove :
The Stove should never be placed directly opposite the fridge, sink or washing machine because stove represents fire while all the other items represent water.

Fire is in direct conflict with water. They clash. Therefore, it is never good to have them directly opposite the Stove.

Besides, the Stove represent your career and so using fire colours like red, pink, purple or orange colours are good if not can use brown, yellow, or light brown colours are ok.

It's a "no no" to use blue, black or grey cupboards or walls or even the kitchen floors.


It is because : we want our career (the Stove) to WANG  or to GROW and therefore we should not be using water element colours like blue, black or grey to extingish the "fire" (the Stove), our career.

Fengshui Queen, SG's Note : Last Sunday (yesterday), I was at my parents' place and mum commented that dad discovered that the interest rate for his fixed deposit is so low that he was pretty upset for a couple of days and could'nt sleep well. Arrh ! but then the cost of borrowing becomes extremelly good for those who knows how to borrow money to invest in "things" that can bring them more money, be it in stocks, gold or property. However, do remember to keep 6 months of your savings in cash for rainy days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn.
last year just renovated my kitchen flooring. Its dary grey and my cupboard white. Guess i got no choice liao.


Anonymous said...

Any prevention if the fridge is already opposite the stove ?