Friday, February 10, 2012

Making money and buying property is a bazi thing !

Today, 10 February 2012 (Friday) - How have you been ? Hope you are fine and busy at work. Well, for me, I was super busy at work and that's why I hardly write my blog but I am happy to note that many of you still come and visit my blog and so my counter moved too. Thanks ! ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog, Master Lynn Yap - Thank you for coming and each day I can see an average of 500 visitors to this blog ! Wow that is quite a number and no small feat. Thank you so much !!! Thank you for your support !!!

About Investments : Many people like me to write about investing especially in properties because that is where most of my investment portfolios are and I usually talk about my own investments and my thoughts. About 80% of my assets are here with the rest, the other 20% in others including cash.

Of course like many others,  my first property investment was in a HDB flat where we made quite a fair bit and that was in 1988. Then in 2001, I ventured to buy my very own first investment property in light industrial building at ecentre@redhill, rented it for a while before selling it for a small profit. Many people and friends around me at that time were not into investing in properties. I was then the most daring one, always going by my own gut feel.  I always felt that that was a very good investment property.

Just this week, one of my client wanted to buy a unit at First Centre and the going rate was S$520/- per sq ft for the bigger units and that means smaller units like mine can command higher $ per sq ft say at S$570/- and that means that I would have earned myself a S$50k profit should I decide to sell my office unit. I was like WOW for the last few days and still trying to understand what had happened. well...........the feeling was damn good.

Of course, my best investment is in the landed property where I bought in 2003 and if I sell it today at today's prices I would have made over a million dolllars. Bank valuation is at S$2.0million to S$2.2million. I still can't believe this but it is happening. The previous owner sold the house at a loss of S$400k to me as they bought it in 1997.

Timing in buying property is important and so does your bazi, both counts ! that completes the whole picture. However not many people believe in the bazi thing or even feng shui. Well, for them I can only say Good Luck to them with some missing information ^_^

So after counting the condo that I bought plus all of these, it seems that every property that I buy, I never loose money and that is not because I am very savvy.

It has to do with the bazi of a person. I am a living example and therefore if I tell you that you won't loose money buying property, it really means you won't. I have many clients who come back to me to tell me this and to thank me !!! ^_^ I am most happy for them. My nature is such that I like to help people especially in helping them create their wealth and fengshui does that other than others like good health, harmony etc.

Some people are good at stocks and shares so their main investment is there or in Gold or even in currencies and in a life reading or bazi reading, I would tell them so. I am not very rich (my clients are richer) however, I made good profits from my investments and each investment that I buy, I check the fengshui. Good fengshui then I buy if not, I would give it a miss.

My belief is that : "Good fengshui house would never make the owner loose money" 
Some houses have good fengshui but it was the renovation that spoiled it all. Sometimes it was the owner's stubborness that spoil it too :)) cause they want to have this and that without checking whether fengshui is ok or not ;))

Photo shows : a photo that I took with my Iphone4 (my second mobile) when I went to visit the Jade Buddha. I almost cried when I saw the Jade Buddha as I prayed there but was very shy and afraid that some people around might take a photo of me so I dare not shed tears for too long. I just stood there for while bought two jade pieces and went home.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Master Lynn,

Same here. I was so moved by the Jade Buddha that I cried when I saw the statue.

Meow said...

Hi, I have been a reader of Yr blog for some time. May I know what is the charges for a Bazi reading?