Saturday, February 11, 2012

Predictions for the Dragon Year, 2012 !!!

Today, 11 February 2012 (Saturday) - I finished my last talk on Predictions for the Dragon Year, 2012. Below are the slides where you can download and read and I hope the counter there moves too. Next year, 2013, I will try to give them to you earlier ok ? and thank you very much for your patience.

Predictions for the Dragon year, 2012 - the web address is

Photo shows : the mandarin oranges that my sister in law, Yvonne made and given to me this year during the first day of the lunar new year. She and my brother, Dr Yap who operates his own clinic at Ang Mo Kio street 22, block 232 near where the famous chilly crab eatery is, lives in Mimosa Terrace some 10 mins drive from my house ^_^ My parents believe in giving us, the best that education can give, the rest then is up to us.

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