Sunday, February 19, 2012

The fengshui Savy Investor

Today, 19 February 2012 (Sunday) - Hi ! I am just back from work and had a long day starting at 9am !!! I thought that today I would be too sleepy to wake up and be in time for my appointment but I managed and was 15 mins early for a fengshui appointment somewhere in the western part of Singapore ^_^

My blog - Do you know why I named it The Fengshui Savy Investor ? This blog is about using fengshui principles to help anyone keen in investing be it in properties, shares, gold (commodities, oil and gas etc), currencies, bonds, keeping cash or even investing in other companies. In a nutshell, it is everything to do with investing and I am the living example.

I don't teach and share what I know only. I share what I know from my own experiences and from my clients as I meet at least 4 new people every day and over 20 years, you can imagine how many people know me personally and how my investing experiences grow.  However,  I do notice that I am still ahead and daring when it comes to investing.

My business admin degree helps a great deal in the sense that when I speak especially in public, I know what I am talking about and people pay attention to my take. That is my "investment call" for this year, 2012 as every year it is different. Attend my talks to find out more and in detail.

However,  because my forte is in using fengshui principles to help make money (create wealth) from properties, gold and currencies, I therefore tend to write more about these.

Stock Market : first and second lunar months are wood elements so the share prices will rise however on the 3rd lunar month and onwards, just be careful.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip:  Fast or starve yourself when you want to close a big deal. Then when you close the deal, you can then eat. why : it is because when you don't eat anything just drink milo or just taking rice with vegetables, the good luck comes !!!

FSQ Note: You have to be a little bit craZy in order to succeed in this corporate world ^_^

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