Saturday, March 31, 2012

A couple's relationship is like a storm and the rain !

Today, 31 March 2012 (Saturday) - we are coming to the end of March ! wow that is fast. Don't you think so ? I hope all of you are well and feeling fine.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Many couple may occasionally have a tiff now and then and is quite common. If this happens to you, take heart. it is rather common.The best way to solve this is : one keep quiet while the "noiser" one,  let him or her continue. Usually,  the wife is the quiet one at home so that everyone can have peace in the house. We usually let the man win at home, no it is not "showhand" nor is it about going for "the broke"   ;))) we women, simply like to have peace at home.

Shall we have the storm and the rain the next few days ?   ^_^

21 Fengshui Queen's SG Tips for the dining table :
1) The dining table should be 6 or 8 seater. This means that your career can expand.

2) Glass dining table is not good for a stable career. Therefore this is not an option.

3) The dining table should not be parked with one end against the wall just to save space. This is because this can give rise to work pressure. So unless you are addicted to "work pressure" and works well with great pressure, then this is fine.

4) Whatever canvas or oil painting you hang on the wall directly opposite the dining table, can have an impact on your career. If you hang a painting of beautiful flowers directly opposite the dining table then it means that you may have some office romance.

5) The dining table represents your career so the bigger the table,  the better the career.

6) The dining table should also look Grand so that your career is good and so a Chandelier directly above the table would be great for career.

7) Location of the dining table can be in the "wealth" area or can be in the "power" area of the house, would be great too !

8) Ideally,  we can have 3 dining tables in the whole house so that our career would always be more stable and good. Your  "kitchen table" or your "coffee table" or even your "computer table" can be the "dining table",  as long as you "eat" there.

9) The dining table can be marble if you need the element of earth in your bazi.

10) The dining table can be wood too if you need the element of wood in your bazi.

11) There should be no glass on top of the dining table.

12) The dining table should be more solid in nature and heavy.

13) The dining table can have metal legs or wooden legs.

14) The dining table can have 4 legs or just a stump below.

15) The dining table can oval, rectangle  square, or round.

16) The dining table should never face the house's main door. The house main door is like a big mouth and this can mean that someone is eyeing your position at the work place.

17) The dining table can be placed in the kitchen if your kitchen is big or even in the garden or backyard.

18) There should not be a hole on the dining table.

19) There should not be a wall full of mirrors directly opposite the dining table.

20)  There should not be a frosted glass or glass cabinet doors directly facing the dining table.

21) There should not be an altar table facing the dining table.

FSQ Note : I bought a new computer and am trying this out at home. I just want to see my Facebook look bigger and my blog too ! ^_^


Drizzt said...

Hi Master Lynn, i have a question i hope you can advise. recently, for health and wellness i switch to a standing desk. Due to budget i cam up with a solution based on using paper boxes to extend the legs and using a sturdy wooden desk surface.

In terms of feng shui will this cause some adverse complications?

my standing desk setup

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

What happens if the hall has no space, and hv no choice and have to put a dining table opposite the altar table ?

what would happens ? Any way to put something to rectify this, if not, no other place to put dining table.