Monday, March 26, 2012

Monkey and Rooster bazi

Today, 26 March 2012 (Monday) - It's another Monday so I hope you will have a Great week.

Relationship between man and a woman : A man whose bazi has a "monkey" in it and his spouse has a "rooster", would tend to argue quite a fair bit.

This is because the "monkey" would make the man fussy and particular and wants things done his way while the spouse who has a "rooster" in it (for example) would also be equally fussy and particular and also wants things done her way.

So what happees is : the couple would tend to argue or disagree as both of them want things done their own way.

Solution: Some giving and taking is necessary for the couple to have more harmony. Bottomline is : both of them must have very strong destiny to be husband and wife then their relationship can last forever. If there is no LOVE, it can be quite difficult.

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