Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting a career in property ? Come to this website !

YES !!!, Come to this website if you are intending to start a career in property and learn the method that truly works !

Here is the link :

FSQ Note: Bjorn Chua is my client's son and am happy to help him in whatever ways I could !
Bjorn was awarded the top 50 Achievers Award from ERA for the year 2011. Well Done !!!

If I do meet him again or any successful property agent, my first question to them would be :
What is the most important advice,  you would give to any new property agents ?  ^_^


From : Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, Singapore.  My family and I are very happy for you, your girlfriend, Alicia, your parents and not forgetting Brett Chua ! All the Best !!!

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