Thursday, March 08, 2012


9 March 2012 (Friday) - TGIF ! You love fridays ? I don't. To me, it's another day.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Are you a blogger ? If you ever write a blog, have a theme and stick to it. Disciple is key to success.

Fengshui Tips 3 for Stove - If you have two kitchens in the house, one dry kitchen and one wet kitchen. You should aim to have two stoves in the house. An electric stove in the dry kitchen and a normal stove with 4 burners that gives real fire when turned on in the wet kitchen.

It means that your career in Singapore is good and so is the one overseas.

Buying Property - 1) If you a first timer entering the property market, anytime is the right timing, because you need a house to begin a family and to start your married life together and have babies.We need more babies, sweetie ! ^_^

2) If you are investing for rental income or capital appreciation - Some people bazi can buy property while some people bazi can loose money and may need to hold for long term then can make money. You need to know which one do you belong to, ok ? especially if you want to be known as a property investor but not a property trader.

We belong to the conservative type with a calculated risk appetite for investing. Hence when we buy, we usually do it with a purpose. Either buying for our children or buying for our retirement home or simply to have passive income when we retire. Hence, planning for retirement is important.

Latest news that I heard from clients - A new four bedroom condo that they were interested in was going at S$3.5million. Gosh ! how much income that person would be having before one can afford to buy these, maybe combined income ^_^ (or you have a S$2million and put it in the house and then borrow S$1million ? or you are much younger and can borrow up to S$2million ^_^)

3) Do not buy commercial or light industrial property unless it is for own use - Most of us need an office for our work and if the cost of operating is low, then we can have better profits or pay ourselves more salary. I have a client intending to buy a unit for his Company expansion and today I will be down at Boon Lay to help a Corporate client select their unit too. Let's see if the fengshui is good.

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