Friday, March 23, 2012

"What is the reality can be different from what you assume it to be"

Today, 23 March 2012 (Friday) - How are you ? I have been quite busy hence I write less. But hope that you will continue to come here and read my blog ok ?

Singapore Fengshui Blog, Master Lynn Yap - If you do notice one thing about my blog is that I write about all kinds of interesting events that happen or that I have come across or read about. These would then form your knowledge and then it is up to you to see if you want to take action or bring it up to the next level. And the next level can be about you and me : your relationship with me.

This is not about selling my brand of fengshui. It's much more. Some of you readers come to see me recently and is because of my blog and not because of recommendations from my clients. Then there are of course my kind clients who recommended their friends to come and see me and hence this year, I tend to do many life readings and that is on top of my annual reviews and fengshui audits.

My mission in my Brand "Fengshui Queen" SG (registered in Singapore since 2000) : is to ensure that all my clients go away armed with good fengshui knowledge that can lead them to do better investments or to have a smooth career or simply more harmony at home.

A tip about relationship:
One day a pretty young lady got into a car and sat beside a guy who was driving the car. It was the first time, the pretty young lady sat in his car.

About 10 mins later, this lady suddenly rub her arm gently and immediately the guy asked : Are you cold ? Is the air con too cold and should I turn it lower for you ? (such an attentive man that most ladies would love to be with eh ? ^_^) The pretty young lady replied : Oh no, the air con is fine. It's just that I did'nt know where to place my hands and so I simply rub my upper arms and fold them.

Whats the morale of the story ?
It is : when someone does an action, it is your mind and your own thinking that thinks this way and you immediately react to it. And sometimes what you "think" or "assume" is VERY different from what is REALITY. The truth is that : she simply do not where to put her hands as she is quite nervous sitting in his car for the first time, end of the story.

About Fengshui Audit work : This year, I seem to be working harder. Last Saturday, I was in office waiting for my 6.30pm client to come and this coming Saturday I have an appointment at 7pm. My day begins at 10.30am. Not everyday I am so busy lah............just Saturdays, maybe it is what some people call : Saturday Night Fengshui Fever !  LOL  ^_^

Photo: taken by my Iphone 4 (I own two iphones) at Mi Casa Condo at Chua Chu Kang. If you are ever in any condo, drop by the swimming pool, who knows one day you can catch me there listening to songs on my Ipod while waiting for the right timing to see my client ;)))

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