Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 53rd birthday to me !!!!

Today, 15 April 2012 (Sunday) - How is your Sunday ? hope it was nice and enjoyable !!! Thank you for some who commented that my blog was too personal. 

Is it very personal ? well...........if you are my client,  I am sure that you would want to know abit more about your fengshui master ? plus I share with you my own fengshui investment strategy which you can't learn from anywhere else except here in this blog or in my Facebook. Plus, I have success stories not only from myself but from my numerous clients who come back and tell me and to thank me. I maybe a small investor but I did it my way.

...........while if you simply a new reader and don't know me at all then maybe make an effort to see me in person before you call MY and tell him about it ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - How do you like the music, "Too Much Heaven" by the Bee Gees. I grew up listening to these songs and Carpenters too.

Each day about 500 visitors come here to read my blog. yesterday's count : 458 views. That's how popular the blog is when it comes to reading about fengshui and Master Lynn Yap

Birthday Week - It was my birthday week and thank you to the over 80 comments and over 104 likes on my Facebook under fengshuiQueen. It was my 53rd birthday this year ^_^ Happy Birthday to me !!!! I hope to retire by 60 or slower pace ;)))

Vesak Day is coming - Go book your big candles at S$98/- each or offer donations, flowers, do pumas etc. it would be great if on this day, you go vegetarian while I am going to be a nun for a day by taking my 8 precepts ;)))

Fengshui Queen Singapore,  Master Lynn Yap's Tip - 
1) Music is the "water" element and Music moves me and I can feel the energy of music within the environment. Anything that is wavy is "water".

2) Always leave a night light on in the kitchen or in the dinning room of your house so that - day time, your house is bright and night time, your house is bright too. Why do all of these ?

The kitchen represents your career and is bright in the day time however by night time, the kitchen is dark and that can mean that your career is "dark". Hence, we place a lamp in the kitchen and turn it on from 8pm till 6am in the morning and that will do.

Have you ever stayed in a HDB flat and ever wondered why those neighbors of yours, don't turn off their kitchen lights !!! ^_^ (this is the answer) 

Thank you for the numerous feedback on the 21 dining table tips ! Glad that you like them ! ^_^

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