Thursday, April 19, 2012

My parents !!!

Today, 20 April 2012 (Friday) - TGIF !!!

Singapore Fengshui Blog - It's been quite a while since I started blogging (May 2008) and the numerous number of visitors to this blog, keep on growing and I am "moved', yesterday's page view is 641 ^_^

Fengshui Tip: There should be minimum "glass" in the whole house because "glass" is also like a mirror and can reflect things away from you.

Example : If you have glass cabinet doors in the "wealth" area then they will reflect "wealth" away while if you have glass cabinet doors in the "health" sector of the house, then they will reflect "health" away.

Photo : Shows my parents having buffet lunch at Riverview Hotel in March 2012 and I posted this photo in my Facebook and my cousins caught the photo and commented on them. Thank you, Selina Lok and Irene Yap for your wonderful comments which pleases my parents very much and they were so thrilled !!! If my grammar is wrong, I know that my wonderful dad will come and correct me ^_^ My dad used to teach english in a secondary school in Queenstown where we used to live. He is 80+ this year. Have a great weekend !!!

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