Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today. 29 April 2012 (Sunday) - It is a Sunday.................and what do you usually do on a Sunday ?sleep, rest or read a book ? Every Sunday morning, I would usually go to visit my parents then I go for work.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We are approaching May very soon and the first week of May are the celebrations towards Vesak whose actual day fall on 5 May 2012 which is a Saturday.

I usually work on a Saturday however I never want to work on a Vesak Day as I will be taking my 8 precepts and be a "nun" or "holy person" for that day and having only one meal that day and sleeping or meditating. Most people just go vegetarian on that day but I have to do something extra to create more merits for myself as I read "destiny" for people. I need a lot,  a lot of Merits !

So this Vesak a little donation here and there especially on the actual day itself is very very good. If you do not have the time to come down on Vesak Day itself then come down earlier to make a donation by offering lights (to have a bright career and future), flowers (to make yourself look prettier) and others.

Fengshui Tip: about the frog is not to replace our lucky color wallet but an "add on" to keep inside the handbag to have better luck than others.

Have you have a "destiny reading" done before ? it's about knowing which elements in the bazi is lacking   and adding on those elements onto us by wearing the colors of the elements or wearing gemstones or wearing gold or even diamonds. These are just part of what the "destiny reader" can read for you............and much more.

The use of "fengshui" together with understanding the "destiny path" are  our secret weapon or simply said, our competitive advantage over others. That is why would noticed that some people are more lucky than others.

FSQ (Fengshui Queen SG) Note: How do you like my latest photo taken on a wet Saturday morning before I go down to Redhill ^_^

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