Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red roses for me ?

Today, 23 April 2012 (Monday) - It's another week ! I just hope that all of you are good and well. Carrying bells" or wearing "bells" because it is a Dragon year ? Did I hear wedding bells too ? ........... many of my clients will be getting married this year. many of them came to see me this year was to help them choose ECs, HDBs etc  that's how we know how the "fengshui market" is moving.

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Everyday when you get up to go to work, be mindful. There are many people out there who have to work a lot harder than many of us. Therefore, be thankful that we have a job to do and do it with all of our heart and sincerity. 

When we are sincere, people can feel the "energy flow" from yourself to others who are around you. 

How many of you have ever sat beside an "impatient" person and can feel that energy from the person ?Haha ! 

Traveling - I will be traveling to Penang on 1st May, going to have Penang Laksa and then come back. 

Fengshui Tip: Placing flowers in the house can cause romance in particular the wealth area. If you are married, please do not try this ^_^

FSQ Photo : These red roses are for those who wished me Happy Birthday in my Facebook ! Thank you so much for the over 120 likes and 105 comments,  never had so many before !  I am glad that I am still popular !!! ^_^ Thank you for making me, popular !!!

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