Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 pointers to bring in, Good Luck !!!

7 Pointers to bring in Good Luck -

1) Buy 3 green big lime, size of 50 cents coin and cut them into half and then squeeze the juices into a cup, add a bit of water and then drink (this cleanses the body qi). Then use the 6 halves to scrub the face, neck, shoulders, body, hands and legs. Do this twice a week if the negative energy stays.

2) Take vegetarian food for 3 days in a row.

3) Do an online donation about US$50 or US$100/- or donate anywhere will do.

4) Meditate every morning for 20 mins before you go out to work or do anything.

5) Call your friend whose bazi can bring you good luck and meet that person for lunch or a meeting so that after meeting that person, your luck can change.

6) Remove that mole on the face or on your body to have improved luck.

7) On any single day when you wish for More Good Luck, just have a very light breakfast and don't take any lunch nor dinner till you close your deal.

Blog Viewership - Thank you to over 700 readers who come here daily to read this blog.

FSQ Singapore Feng Shui Note - If you do not believe, try these out for a week then wait for the results.

My family & I wish one and all, GOOD LUCK, always !!!!

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