Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"How do I know if he is the right one for me?"

Today, 22 May 2012 (Tuesday) - How is your day ? Hope you are fine ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog  Yahoo - How's your relationship with your boyfriends/spouses ? ............er I mean the fengshui part. There was a lady who came for a life reading and asking about "love and relationship". I thought ........it is an interesting topic to write since I ran out of stories to tell here in my blog ;)))

Well, she asked during her consultation : "how do we know if he is the right one for me ?" She caught me by surprise and I happily relate to her a story about my girlfriend who was 10 years older than her spouse.

 I was curious when I first learnt that her husband was so much younger and so I asked : "Why did you  marry him ?" she replied that both of them have "telepathy" which means that : she can sense that he is thinking of her and he too can sense it when she is thinking of him. I nodded and agreed that : that should be the way.

Many people have not gone spiritual so they might know this or how to "feel" this. Not to worry.

Actually, let me tell you, there is no need for you to go spiritual - in order to "sense" him thinking of you and vice versa.

Do you want to try and test this out ? or perhaps you already know.

You can read more about "telepathy" here

The other advice that I gave was : 
Find out if good things happen when this person is around you or negative things happen when this person is around.

If he brings you Good Luck then good things can always happen. However, negative things can also happen to you when this person is around you and do not bring you any luck. You will need to be very observant on this.

The worst match is the couple's year of birth clashes and their time of birth also clashes. The relationship can be pretty bad.

If you are new to fengshui and bazi readings and want to know how to select him or her, try these two methods. However, most of all, LOVE has to be there, without love, the relationship may find it very difficult to withstand the element of time.

Certain timing, the man or the woman may have "tau hua"(romance) then what happens ? when the couple has years of history between them and deeply in love (bazi match to be husband and wife) then this relationship will last and they can pull through the "tau hua" period.

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