Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love you, mum

Today, 13 May 2012 (Sunday) - is Sunday and also Happy Mother's Day. It's time again to set some time to be with our mum and to spend quality time with her. My mum was born in Indonesia and therefore I have some Indonesian blood and that also explains why some clients asked me if I am Singaporean ^_^

As usual on a Sunday, I would visit my parents at Jalan Kuras where they live. I spoke to her for a while as she always like to ask me if I have work on a Sunday and where I would be going. Sometimes she would ask so many questions at one go that really irritates me. I used to be very impatient before and couldn't stand it but as I grow older and more mature, I understand that, that was how my mum showed me that she cared.

Even till today, my brother and I would have to call her at least once a day, just to let her know that we are both alright.  Sometimes I wonder how many ladies of my age still need to call their mums every evening ?  

Well, maybe that is because we don't live next door to her but just 15 to 20 mins away by car. My brother who lives in Mimosa Terrace off Seletar Hills Estate is nearer to her than my place. This was also one of the reasons why I bought my house here to be near to my parents and my brother although at that time my dad was telling me to buy a condo but I refused as I always wanted to own my own landed property, even if it is very small, it is alright as it is all mine.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all mums, a Very Happy Happy Mother's Day !!!! On this very special day, may we reflect on how our mothers toiled and worked hard day and night to provide us comfort in our homes and to guide us and to give us security.

My feeling is that : Mums are always the greatest !!! that is why when I go to my clients home where there is an elderly man or woman in the house, I always greet them with a  wide smile as though they are my own parents. That is also what buddhism taught me and my belief and faith in buddhism is very very  strong.

Recently, one Aunty whom I had visited her daughter's home for a second house visit, even ask if I had eaten as it was already close to 1pm and I replied "yes" even though I was very very hungry as I did not wish to make Aunty worried or even to bother her if she wanted to cook some noodles for me. I was afraid that she would and therefore being polite I said that I had eaten. this is called "compassion" in buddhism meaning that I can spare a thought for the other person.

Of course there are some mums who like to nag a lot while there are those who like to scold a lot. I wonder which kind of mum do you have ? and if you have such a mum, well.......just remember that, no matter why she behaves the way she does, no matter what, she is STILL your mum. The one who carried you for 9months and delivered you into this world.

"The first breath that you breath, your destiny is already fixed" I always quote this when defining "What is Destiny" ^_^

I am the eldest in the family and therefore I often act like big sister to all my clients. Sometimes, mum would give me some advice on how to keep my clients and to have new clients as well. that is mum, always caring, always loving. I think she would be very worried if one day I tell her on a Sunday I am not going anywhere to read life readings or even to go for a house visits ^_^

My mum is taoist and believes in God and prays very hard, does a lot of donations and that is why she is so blessed in this lifetime to have two University Graduates children, both entrepreneurs in their own area of interests. My brother is a medical doctor with his own clinic at Blk 232, AMK, both of us graduated from NUS.

FSQ Note: I had placed my mum's photo below as one needs merits in order to have "fame" once they expire, it is not good for them. My mum is getting old and she don't need that fame, all I want for her is to be "safe" and "healthy".

FSQ Photo:
1) flowers for all mothers
2) photo of my mum taken, 3 weeks ago.

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