Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Resting your mind & body"

Today, 30 May 2012 (Wednesday) - It's mid week and I am sure many are really very very busy at work.

Today, my client bought me Japanese lunch at Nadaman at Shangrila Hotel, thank you very much. Yes, sometimes my clients like to do their annual reviews over lunch or rather after we had lunch and I would allow them to buy me lunch as it means that : whatever good deeds that I do henceforth my clients would also benefit. However, my schedule is usually very very packed and only in middle of the year then I have the time for a 3 hour lunch.

However,  do remember to take a break and rest your mind and your body. For me, I meditate every morning for about 15mins (energy for the mind) before I go for work and as for the body, I would go to Kenko for my regular body or foot massages and sometimes I would go to the one at Ang Mo Kio for a tunia (this one, my lady client recommended)

I do hope that you would do the same. If you are my life reading clients, you would know that I do recommend this to some whose bazi needed some help for good health and long life.

Bascially, I am known to be a very generous person who care and I would usually try my level best to help - be it in having more sales or to help in having good health or even how to have harmony between a couple like : not having expectations on the husband as this can cause a lot of conflict between couples.

For example: the wife comes home from work and she has to do some housework or looking after her child and she finds it very tiring while the husband just sit and watch television and couldn't offer any help.

In this instance, the wife would start to get mad and very upset as she is wondering why she should be the one looking after the child and why not him ? This is because the child is still a baby and some husband's bazi do not know how to care for a baby but CAN care for a child, only when the child grows older, then the husband can help.

I explained this to the couple and I hope the couple can understand these and help build a better relationship.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Any person who does the job of feng shui would usually find that the "Earth Qi" would tend to zap up the Master's "Personal Qi".

The Fengshui Savy Investor Blog - Thanks to over 898 readers yesterday alone. Wowie. You got me hooked too !!! many times you come to read my blog huh ?

FSQ Photo: What is so special about this photo is the pair of new earrings given to me by a young child  on Mother's Day. It is not very expensive but I wear it occasionally as it is the thought that counts, that really thrills.  This photo is to show my appreciation.  In life, we have to learn how to appreciate other's kindness then the good fortune can come, please remember that and practice.

When you can see purple color on the hair under sunlight, it means that the person is "spiritual" while if it is green, it means "healing". what is your color ? red ? ^_^

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Unknown said...

Dear Master Yap, thank you very much for your advice and kindness.
You're one of the most sincere and generous and kind Fengshui Master I know.

May Buddha bless you and your loved ones with good health, joy, happiness, success and wealth forever.