Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you !!!

Today, 14 May 2012 (Monday) -'s another week and how was your Sunday ? hope it was great ! for me I received this beautiful cheese cake from a young, 10 year boy currently studying at ACS who wished me Happy Mother's Day ! it wasn't the lovely cheese cake that touches my heart but the fact that this little boy saved his pocket money to buy this cake for me and his Aunt too. Thank you !

For all mothers out there, you must be very very happy on this day ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you for over 584 viewers yesterday as usually I have the highest readership on weekdays than on weekends. I guess last Sunday was different. Last month, April 2012, my blog had over 18,000 viewship. I hope you will continue to come and read what I write ok ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip - Wear your favorable colors everyday and you can then see the results.

FSQ Note: Thank you to all my loyal supporters especially those whom I had met in years 2000 and 2001 !!! wow, so long already, probably 12 years ago. I hope we have not aged eh ? but I have put on a lot of weight  

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