Friday, May 18, 2012

You are beautiful, that's Sheng Chi !!!

Today, 18 May 2012 (Friday) - It's TGIF !

Yahoo Singapore Feng Shui Blog - This sculpture is taken at The Peak, Lorong 1A Toa Payoh where I had 3 invitations.

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Story - There was a lady who came to visit me for a destiny reading and she told me about her house fengshui and how it had affected her. She came to consult what compass directions she should buy in order to give her good health and wealth. I told her.

She shared her story about her house fengshui - It was located on the 3rd floor and in front of her house was the tree trunk which looked ugly and scary and behind her house where the kitchen was, were also trunks of tall trees which though provide shade to her house but was not very nice looking either.

In fengshui, we are taught that nice, beautiful looking things are known as "Sheng Chi" while the not so nice looking things are known as "Sha Chi".

This single lady moved into the house but had gone for a few operations until she could not take it anymore and search the internet for a fengshui master and found me. I was pleasantly surprised that she came for a reading and consultation. Now, she is looking for her new house and I wish her all the luck !!!

The morale of the fengshui story is - Look at what is directly facing the house's "main door "as that can affect your fortune, health etc.

Investment : As I was writing this blog, someone just text me asking if now is the right time to buy gold since gold has dropped to the level of US1550/- per once. I replied to wait as it will drop further, however if you do feel that it is the right timing for you, go as you wish.

Earlier this year, I told my Senior Relationship Manager that I will go in once gold enters US$1100/- and he asked "so low" ? my reply to him was "Yes".  Then last week I met a businessman and I asked him do you think gold will drop further and he gave me his reply and clicked at the same level that I told my RM.

This time, if we enter, I will know............we are going for "show hand" ^_^

I want to buy when gold is at the lowest level like when I bought my first BMW 3 series (2006) at slightly over  a S$100k and sold it 6 years later for a profit.  Some people can buy gold one, you know ?

My purpose why each year, I work so hard is to deliver the best and most accurate predictions so that many people can make more money for themselves. I did not ask for anything, not for fame, not for money, no, none of all these. Like I said, I made most of my money from properties and I am going for financial freedom at age 60. Are you financially free yet ?

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