Friday, June 15, 2012

"the 3 things that I do differently from others"

Today, 15 June 2012 (Friday) - It's friday again ! Many look forward to a good, happy Friday ! while for me..........yes, me too ! but for different reasons. I work harder on weekends than on weekdays. Work is my passion as I love to work and keep myself busy.

However,  when I am free, I like to go do my personal things or meditate. There are many things that I do that others may not understand.

1) In my bedroom, I would turn on the air con while leaving a small window open - many people like to closed all windows when they start to turn on the air con.

2) I would buy a car and park it in the car porch outside my house and seldom drive - many of my male friends always laugh at me and say I waste money but I keep smiling and never say anything back to them because they will never understand my "brand of fengshui" and would think that I am a little "crazy".

It is them who don't know and what they don't know, they don't miss  or realize !!! that's life !!!

But if you do understand feng shui and bazi and that if you need the element of metal then owning a
'big car"in your name would give you the "big metal"and we progress with the cc of the car slowly and its luxury brands. They work in that manner. Plus, they cannot "go stan" ( go backwards and own a smaller cc car) (wait their wealth or their career go backwards)

About Bazi - many years ago, there was a young man who just bought a brand new black color car and because the color black was not suitable for him, the minute  he owns that car, his luck goes down. Then he sought my help and I said to him to change it to white color and he DID then things turn around and for the better and by now you would have guessed it, he swears that the car color do play an important role in one's life and now he dares not "suka suka" change car colour.

3) I would travel overseas but I like to go read a good book and sip my red wine or do nothing - while others like to go see places and shopping. very difficult huh ? and I dislike window shopping, waste of time. I would rather stay in the hotel.

This is the reason why I like to stay in a good hotel and must have room service because I might get hungry in the middle of night and I usually like to order room service, food !!! no food for me,  means no energy ! haha which probably also explains my size now ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Every child has their own stregths and it is up to the parents to help the child achieve the best of their ability.

Some child likes to do many many things and is because they probably have many fire elements in their bazi. So it would be up to you, to help the child build on his potential to achieve the best which is the child's Destiny.

There was once a child who wanted to be a musician but he didn't have any resources in his bazi and I said that this child would not have many fans nor followers hence can't be very successful though he can play the piano very well.

FSQ NOTE: Some how what I say, carries weight and many people follow- therefore for me, I feel that I needed to be very very accurate in my readings for all my clients so that clients do see good results after they had consulted me.

Plus, I also do a lot of merits for all of my clients so that they too can grow spiritually and be a very happy lot !!! Because happiness is everything...............Are you happy ? Learn to be happy in whatever situation you are in or do something differently to alter your luck.

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Twilight Man said...

You are definitely the best and smartest Feng Shui Master I ever know who see things very differently. I attended a number of talks here by the top 'masters' but they never talked about prayers or making merits for others. Blergh! They should come and learn from you too.

Thank you Master Lynn Yap!