Sunday, June 03, 2012

Come celebrate and do Good Deeds today !

Today, 4 June 2012 (Monday) - Today, I am celebrating Saka Dawa by not taking meat on this day and I do hope that you too can do the same, just for today till 6am the next morning. It is a very very auspicious day because it is the double 4th lunar month and today is the 15th day.

I have always believed in creating merits for oneself in order for added Good Fortune to come as well as to cleanse our negative thoughts or actions that we might had done.

Don't get angry today and don't scold people ok ?

Go do a donation or online donation if you wish, are also very good for creating merits.

We should learn how to create merits so as to ward off any negative things that might come our way in the future so that when they have to come, sometimes we can avoid them and sometimes, it came to us, like catching a bad cold, that's all.

I may not write very well but I know that I have very strong fengshui followers (over 841 views) and some people in my Facebook says is because I am popular *smile*..........maybe my fengshui works for them, that's why.

The Blue Medicine Buddha is my all time favorite Buddha. Here is the mantra for those who liked this Buddha.

Blue Medicine Buddha Mantra :
Tayata Om Bekanze
Bekanze Maha Bekanze
Radza Samudgate Soha

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