Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grateful to Dad !!!

Today, 17 June 2012 (Sunday) - Happy Father's day to all fathers !!!!

Singapore Fengshui Blog - As far as I can remember my father used to work very hard as a school teacher teaching english in a secondary school, somewhere in Queestown. Last Sunday, our families celebrated Father's day for our Dad and mum commented that Dad had to teach, mark papers to earn more and night classes too for our living expenses. Money was never enough then.

I remembered we used to live a small HDB flat in Queestown, Tanglin Halt Road and beside the railway track. Every day, several times a day, I would hear the train coming and passing by our bedrooms. It was a very small flat with two bedrooms but very comfortable. we were poor then and I was brought up in that kind of environment.

At that time, I had no sense about money. I was playful and love playing 5 stones and chit chatting with my girlfriends while my brother played with his small group of friends too. My brother also complained that he had to wash his school shoes as well as mine too. This part, I had totally forgotten till my brother brought it up one day over lunch. I must be a very lazy girl then or too clever   ^_^

My parents believed in education and gave us what we could study. My younger brother, Dr. Yap studied medicine, NUS and currently runs his own clinic at Blk 232, Ang Mo Kio, street 22.

What makes my dad's teachings memorable to me ?
His most memorable teaching was when I was in CJC, second year and he said these words to me which I remembered and it was :  I would make  dad a very happy man if I could enter the University. 

Simple words but said with a lot of feelings and emotion.

These words of his, struck a chord deep inside and I studied very, very hard and learnt by heart all the texts in the books till I could parrot read them line by line. I was very good at that and I passed my JC with A and B's and made it to NUS studying Business Admin as I love to do business. I've got a A for my economics.  I must be quite a clever girl as I heard that only top 3% of Singapore's population could enter University at that time - 1980's.

To this date, whenever I met my fellow University clients, we always give ourselves a big pat on our backs for we made it in Society with fame and wealth. People around my age, 53 +,  most of them now owned at least one landed property and drive a luxury car.

I went to the Uni like any one else and dad even allowed me to drive his car to campus on days when my classes were in the afternoon and I drove the old blue Austin. After I graduated, I bought my first car a blue Madza EG4300 was the number plate. I was about 21 years old then or older. 

I never liked the number 4 but somehow strangely it crept into my life and I like to buy 4D then but not now as I believe if wealth has to come to me, it had to be earned. And I love to earn my own and to save them and to invest in assets. 

When I grow older and wanted to start my own business in fengshui, my parents supported that idea. I had not much savings then and decided to sell my car for cash. One fine day, I pasted 6 one dollar Singapore coins on the wall above my house's  main door and 2 hours later, my dad called me and said that my car was sold and I started my business then.

Then in 2003 when I wanted to buy my house, I decided to live near my parents as well as my brother who currently still lives in Mimosa Terrace while I moved to Gerald Crescent to be near to them. My house number also had a 4 in it and facing South West. 

Till to date, my parents still worry for me while I would always tell them that I am fine. 

One thing though : my dad never approve of me spending money on buying properties after properties. He believed in savings and maybe having only one property was already very very good already. Well, what I did was............ I would buy them first then tell them, the same with my car ^_^ guess, I am not much of a saver eh ?


Happy Father' s Day, Dad !!! and I will always love you and thank you for everything that you and mum had done for me. He is 81 this year and we would be celebrating his birthday in October. 

FSQ PHOTO : shows my parents and me taken in 2009.

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Unknown said...

Dear Master Yap,

Please send my regards to your father.

Here's wishing him good health, joy, happiness and whatever his heart desires. ^_^

Best wishes